Friday, March 20, 2009

Well that was painful...

No, not the legs. My left quad is still slightly sore but it didn't hinder me, nor did it hurt while I was running. No, the pain I'm talking about is running with the hounds. They were pitiful today. Not even Mrs B could keep up!

Now I know it's not because I was quick - I plodded along - but those pesky pooches - Lazy, Bone-Idle and Can't-Be-Arsed - seemed to have lost the will to live today. They kept lagging so far behind I almost had to call out International Rescue - F.A.B. Virgil. I wish I'd taken George, for once I reckon he would've been leading us out.

Well, there it is, my last run before the Hogweed - race number 245 - is done. I'm probably - make that almost certainly - going to run my slowest half for a few years but I don't mind. Being able to run it at all looked a bit dodgy mid week so I'm glad all the aches and pains have all but gone.

Oh, if you're wondering about the mid-afternoon posting of the blog, I pulled a half day and as I pen this entry from the decking, looking out over the fields bathed in golden sunshine, I'm glad I did - it almost feels like summer...

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