Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lunch time the time to run

But by 'eck it were windy - and I'm not just talking about Graham. There was a real strong head wind on the way back in and the final hill was a killer. I was puffing something terrible - how can you get so knackered on a 25 minute run?

I just made it back in to the office from the morning's site visits and met Clive T. He wasn't running but said Graham was keen so without a moment to spare I launched myself up the three flights of stairs to grab my kit, change and head on out to meet him. Alright, it wasn't that hectic but it doesn't sound so good if I just say I got into the office, caught up on some paperwork before going out for a run. No, that's not half as exciting so I'll stick to the 'I just made it' story. Anyway, I felt OK on the run - until that last bit - and I'm pleased I got out there.

What finished off the day nicely was spending an hour and a half dismantling the exercise bike to find and fix the source of the terrible clanking sounds. I fixed those easy. There was, however, just one slight problem, the resistance no longer worked and it just free wheeled - fine if you're a lazy bastard but not good if you actually want to exercise. After another 30 minutes I got it all working, put it back together and headed home - no, hang on, I already was - and am - home

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