Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All right my son

It tried to rain but it ended up just drizzle. Not really bad conditions at all. Back to just Sean and Rick at the moment. Although we have been training with Dave B's group for the last few weeks I like to think we're still in our own little group - just the three of us. We can make it if we try. Just the three of us, Sean, Rick and I. Just the three of us, building castles in the sky, la la la la.

Right, to the serious stuff. I didn't run too badly tonight. I only managed four of the five 800's but I did pace Sean for the penultimate 200m of his final 800m - if that makes any sense - and it nearly killed me. That's lad is fast. Too fast - I should slap his legs.

I managed splits of 2:48, 2:42 2:42 and 2:47, which considering recent form, isn't too bad. I can remember a session going back a few months where I was out at 2:52/53 for 800's - and I dare say I ran some even slower but there's no way I'm going to make a claim to remember that. Anyway, the first couple we comfortable but when the inevitable tension came as I tired, it came bad and it was the finish of me. Still, there is some improvement - all I need to do now is run a decent number.

Oh well, I'm off now to start day 1 of week 6 of the push ups plan - I'm almost frightened to look how many I am required to crank out...

And while I remember. Apparently Sean had a bit of an accident at the start of the Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships at the weekend. He got his vest snagged on one of the posts dividing start pens from each other, the posts are connected to each other via rope. As the gun went off, he was forced to yank the first post out of the ground - which subsequently pulled the others out - and proceeded to drag them up the course while trying desperately to un-snag himself. I would have liked to have seen that - I wonder whether he made it on to the telly?

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