Friday, March 13, 2009

A night on the bike

After a solid days work, lots to do and equally lots done, I made it home and got on the bike. Only 30 minutes but I'm OK with that. I've been giving thought to what to do on the weekend training wise.

At first I was thinking the Sunday run at Ashton Court with Rick and Sean but now I've decided I'll try not to be too slow and head over to the Brecon Beacons for a long one with Helen - stop it [agonising death awaits me for that one].

With the Hogweed Hilly Half next weekend it's going to be my last long one before the race. Normally I'd taper but I need this one final long run - when I say 'one final long run' what I actually mean is 'only long run' before the race. I haven't actually managed any run of 13 miles this year. I've been close a couple of times with a nine and a ten but none at the distance or beyond - and to think I could once knock out twenty in the blink of an eye - ah, those were the days. Those days will return...

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