Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Running towards empty

I struggled at the track tonight. I've been feeling tired this week and the truth is I don't really know why. I managed just six 400's in 78/79s with the final two in 76s. The track was icing up and the top bend was slippy but I had my spikes so that's not the reason I was so slow. Just about all the muscles in my legs felt slightly tight - quads, calves and hams.

It's a long race on the weekend, the Half Tour of Pendle. OK, what's long to me isn't necessarily long to everyone. It's only a medium as part of the English Fell Championship, or is it the British Fell championship? - don't ask me, I only run - or try to.

So do I muster a few more scraps of exercise tomorrow and Friday or do I rest? I need to train to improve my fitness, to get back to where I used to be but equally I want to have as good a race as I can manage. I guess I'll sleep on it...

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