Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Woe is me ......

Sadly my entry for the Big Black Mountains Challenge ...... has been accepted. I was so wishing I was going to be too late - oh well. I can't back out now. Once I say aye to something then that's it - a done deal. I don't do backing down. I'm not ready for such a hard challenge - not ready at all - 43km up fifteen 600 metre summits in the Brecons in 10 days time!!!

Turning to training tonight, the weather was horrendous. It rained through the entire session - horrible, drizzly nastiness - the stuff that gets you really really soggy - where nothing stays dry - and I mean nothing - say no more.

All three of my young jedi's apprentices were present in various forms of preparedness but our jedi master, Rick, was absent - something about a secret mission (shhhh). The session itself was four sets of 300m, 500m, 300m with a sharp 60s recovery between reps and a jogged lap recovery between sets. I made sure we kept to the tight recoveries - there was to be minimal slacking on my shift - I'd like to say no slacking but I'm nice so I allow a tiny bit.

On a night like tonight I actually think the lads were happy to keep the recoveries tight to avoid standing around in the cold and damp. Anyway, the session went ok. My right hamstring is still tight so I ran steady if not outstandingly fast but I made sure I was consistent. My 300's were spot on 53s and my 500's were bang on 96s - not quick but ok for a dire night and a dodgy hamstring.

Thought for the day: Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open.