Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oh, it's raining again

Oh no, I'm soaked to the skin, oh no, it's raining again. If you are a duck then today was great. If you like to run then it wasn't quite so good but that didn't stop our merry band of men and women getting out for an hour in and around Ashton Court - and getting soaked in the process. It rained the whole time but didn't really put us off.

I had another great run and felt strong throughout. I dropped back a bit in the middle section - to make sure one the group stayed within range - never leave a man behind and all that - but then I ran a mile and a half at 6:20 pace to catch back up to the group. We finished off by running back into Ashton Court through the bottom entrance ( snigger, - cut that out) and wended our way back through the woods to the cafe at the top. I felt good and strong on those final hills - I had plenty of running left in me and, just like yesterday, I felt I was really running up hill - almost, very nearly - but not quite - legging it - give it another week though and I recon I'll be there.

Then it was back down the gym to finish off with another high intensity hour on the bike. I got some good lactic acid build up and really felt the 'burn' in the final ten minutes. Overall it's been a cracking weekend of training for me and I feel totally back on track - not the running track, went no where near that this weekend - but truly back in the running groove and I'm lovin' it.

Thought for the day: He who hesitates is probably right.