Saturday, May 12, 2007

Feel good run

Such a good feeling. For the first time in a number weeks I felt really good during and especially after my run this morning. Something has been missing of late but what ever it was I think I re-found it this morning.

Conditions weren't particularly pleasant. It was windy and it was wet - leading to a touch of JN (that's joggers nipple - nice). And it wasn't massively fast either - but it was reasonable. Most importantly, I felt the power coursing back.

For the route, I chose 'old faithful' - my thirteen miler of a thousand hills - except there's actually only five - but they're big and they're tough. Total ascent 1800ft.

I ran with my gps, or Gordon, as I like to call him - once he's strapped to my arm he has no choice in the matter. I stuck to the target pace of 7:15's - until the last few miles - when I picked up the pace to bring the average down to 7:08.

I must admit I didn't feel as strong on the hills as once I did but for the first time in ages I actually felt like I was running the hills rather than just making my way to the top. In a few weeks I will be powering the hill like I used to.

Afterwards, it was just like the old days, I hit the gym and put in an hour on the exercise bike, setting it to the highest level I use - beauty.

So watch out - 'cause I'm BACK......

Thought for the day: The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.