Sunday, July 22, 2018

Pleased With That...

So I completed the last stage of the Zwift SIS Tour de Oz, stage 7. Taking on the 48k, 900m Three Sisters Zwift course in 1hr46. My longest 'virtual ride' to date and it was pretty hard going. I can definitely feel it in my legs.

So when I say I completed the last stage, I don't mean I've completed all the stages - yet. I missed stages 2 and 3, as I said before - at least I think I said that before, or maybe I didn't. Who knows? Anyway, I missed those two stages but there are 'make up days' available at the end of the month to ride the missed stages. Not sure how that all works but hopefully it will become clear before the day as I would like to complete the set - and get the unique virtual Tour de Oz kit for the virtual me to wear with pride.

Sad geek alert! Only read on if you are a sad geeky bastard like myself...

Had a bit of a hiccup with the Strava import. I started ridding and then switched across to the pre-ride warmup area - all in my virtual little world, of course - but somehow it recorded the last location of my warmup as the first point in the actual ride, meaning the very first point was recorded at something like 8000km/h! That seemed to upset the elevation data, introducing a funny offset. So I tried to manually correct the import file, deleted the activity and then re-imported the data. That fixed the start/offset issue but cocked up the elevation data - I do not think I ascended 3500m! So I had to delete that and re-import the original data which was luckily available from my Zwift profile - phew, I think all you sad bastards still reading, will agree. (You cannot undelete a Strava activity, which is a bit pants). All sorted in the end though, well, apart from the original offset, wrong start point issue - so not really sorted at all then - but the important thing is that all the stats look correct.

See, I said only read on if you're a sad geeky bastard.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Bit Of Brush Work...

As I swept the Waun Fach fell race this afternoon. If I'm honest I was a little worried I might not be able to keep up but in the end it was fine. I was well within myself. It gives me some hope that despite a fall off in run specific training over the last couple of weeks, that I've managed to maintain the simmer and can kick up to a boil during the next couple of months in time for my comeback...

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hors Categorie...

Well that was pretty much agony. Stage 6 Tour de Oz complete and in homage to today's Tour de France, the route was the Alpe du Zwift. 1030m of climb in 10km without any respite. Suffice to say I found it hard going. Moving with so little speed meant the distance ticked down soooooo slowly. Total ride time including the warm up was 1hr41 of that 1hr10 was spent just on the climb! Total ride, including the warm up section, was 27k and 1220m climb. Not sure if I enjoyed it or not! but the achievement of having done it makes up for that.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bit Of Box Hill

Didn't sleep a wink last night and subsequently been tired all day. After a rest day yesterday it couldn't be another so I mustered for a 15k Zwift loop over Box Hill - it even has the funny 'zebra markings' on the road like the real thing!

Monday, July 16, 2018

More On The Tour...

but I nearly didn't! I felt a bit zonked after getting home from work. Not really sure why but the drive home was oddly tiring and I decided to call it a rest day - but then I remembered if I didn't do today's stage 5 I wouldn't be able to complete the full tour of seven. I've already missed two stages due to calendar malfunctions but they are re-running the stages over two days at the end of the month so I can catch them then. Can't afford to miss any more though so I decided I'd just go through the motions to avoid missing the stage.

Anyway, it's oddly difficult to take it easy when there's a peloton drawing you in.... and so it was that easy turned into one of my most powerful rides. It was really enjoyable tonight as I sat in with several small groups along the way before really putting the power down in the final 6km. I seemed to find myself at the front of the group with no one else taking a turn so I just pumped it up and kept on pumping. I was expecting to have to ease it back but from somewhere I just seemed to be able to maintain it. Normally I cruise at 170-180W but all of a sudden I was 190-200W for that last 6km. Suffice to say I didn't hear from the group again. In all it was 37km in just over the hour.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Top Turbo

So I did the full big loop today and I was 'climbing' almost non-stop for just over half an hour. Two thirds of that out of the saddle. It was really good but equally, really knackered my quads. I'm really not sure my technique is that of a cyclist though. I just can't seem to do the easy gear, high cadence thing. For me its 40rpm grind, grind, grind. Somehow feels like it's good training for hill running though.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

After The Thunder

I put in a turbo session yesterday before the power went off during the thunder and lightning. A quick blast with a couple of sprints that included a pb.

Today I put in an interval session on the treadmill and a hilly 30 minutes on the turbo. Just can't face getting up early enough to go for a run when its cool outside - I'm up early all week so by the weekend I'm really in need of my beauty sleep... Going to try tomorrow... 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Finally Back To It

Yes, after doing myself in on Monday I finally felt up to getting back to training and it was a pretty solid effort on the turbo. It wasn't my most powerful but it was pretty good never the less and I'm more than glad to be back at it. Even the weather seems to be improving...

And as an added bonus, I finally got to the bottom of my 'dubious' heart monitor readings. I gave the metal connectors (where the device connects to the strap) a good clean and then, after letting dry thoroughly, gave the connectors a good shot of the old faithful WD40 - other types of 'what-ever-the-heck-WD40-does' are available. That seemed to have two results. Firstly the readings overall seemed a little lower and more importantly, seem more stable and spiking less pronounced.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Almost Feeling Recovered...

after this mornings run. It totally wiped me out - and I mean totally. I had to lie down on the sofa and listen to the Tour de France team time trial as it was more than I could cope with to sit up and watch the screen. Definitely evidence that I've still a long journey ahead of me - just maybe not across the Malverns on a scorcher...

Just One Word, Why?

Why did I just do that? I feel wiped out - and I didn't even quite manage the planned 16k! I made it as far as the 'blip' after Pinnacle Hill in the Malvern Hills and with my feet starting to overheat and blister, my will to live fading, I cut my loses and headed back.

In all I covered 13.4k with 2,500 of ascent so it wasn't terrible. It was bloody hot though. Have I ever mentioned I struggle in the heat? Suffice to say there is no Tour De Oz stage 2 today - luckily I can catch up tomorrow.

Right, I'm off to look at options for emigrating to northern Canada....

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Tour De Oz, Stage 1

It was a really enjoyable session on Zwift. With 80+ riders competing I found myself riding in several small groups through the ride. That really added to the interest. Taking the lead then following, then back in the lead, then following made it feel somehow more proper. To spice things up - in a saddo virtual way - on one of the climbs, I tried to  bring a small group 'across the gap' to the group ahead. I was working like a mountain goat and got the group close but ultimately failed... Still, it was a good training effort.

Going to head to the Malverns tomorrow, for a melt in the sun. Aiming to out and back from Hollybush to Upper Wyche and back again. At about 16k and 2,500ft ascent, it'll definitely be a run-walk affair but I need to start putting in longer stuff even if I'm not proper running. I'm totally making it up as I go but I still just can't face trying to really push it in this heat.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Change Of Plans

This heat is doing for my training plans so I decided on a change of tack. If I can't cope with the heat to run - and I can't, total pussy me - then I'll go for a longer, hillier walk instead. I did mingle in a little jog here and there but mainly it was a paced walk. It wasn't a route march but definitely more than just a stroll. I put in some effort...

I managed about 10miles and 2000ft of ascent in 2hr15. Can't imagine the heat those brave fools faced on Fan y Big earlier today. I'm still feeling overheated and I had a fair amount of shade.

Probably try a bit more of the same tomorrow as my legs do actually feel like they've been worked. Also want to factor in a ride as I want to Zwift the 7 stage Tour de Oz event which starts tomorrow.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Beginning To Get On My Nerves Now...

This god damn weather is killing me. Really starting to impact training. I just couldn't contemplate a run today. Even just mooching around in the garden and I was dripping. It's utter madness. Madness I tells yer!

I did however put in a pretty useful turbo session. I did a 9k warm up and then a 27k race in my little virtual world. A three lapper around the Richmond UCI worlds route 2015. With windows open to max and fan on overdrive I was able to keep the temperature bearable.

As to the race, I totally came last but not without an exciting battle for second to last. Each lap he pissed past me on the flat and then I caught back up and overtook on the climbs at the end - until the final lap, that is, from whence he'd managed to edge just too far ahead. I got back in touching distance but once we hit the final 500m flat, I was done for.

It was a good hard session. My quads were hurting on the climbs. I'm praying for rain...

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Not Up To Full Power

I think I hit it too soon after being sat on my arse all day in the office. I decided it was just too hot to head outside after Monday's episode and hit the mill instead. Somehow my legs didn't want to play ball. I started gently but still my legs were tight. They eased up eventually and it turned into intervals for 4k. After that I finished off with a decent 15k on the turbo.

I'm off work now till Tuesday but if I'm honest it's going to be just too hot for me. I'm going to take it as it comes but there is definitely going to be training....

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Taking A Couple Of Days Rest

So I've been feeling tired and decided my Tuesday day of rest should run through Wednesday. I should be back on it tomorrow...

Monday, July 02, 2018

107% Of Maximum...

I didn't even know the ol' ticker could go so high! 189bpm! The heat did for me. I knew it would but having not run a proper run for four days I had to go and do it anyway... I've never been good in the heat and out of shape as I am, running at the hottest part of the day was never likely to reverse that.

So I'd been conscious of keeping hydrated through the day but perhaps even so, I didn't quite drink enough. In the first few minutes of 'running' my heart rate shot up - and that was on a generally flattish section. It hit max on the main climb but after that stabilised. By then it was just a case of getting the run done. Although I didn't ease off and kept going to the end. I ended up twenty seconds faster than last time out so it was better than it could have been.

I think I'm just going to have to bide my time during the hot spell and hope it doesn't knock my plans for a September come back race....

Sunday, July 01, 2018

And The Back Is Even Worse Today

So I haven't as yet managed a proper run this weekend. Not sure that's going to change between now and the end of play but if my back eases up sufficiently I will try a late one.

I'm anxious that I'm missing training just at the point I'm starting to pick up momentum. The new bike training is good but still not a true alternative to running - although it is light years ahead of my old exercise bike. So anyway, I wasn't really even sure how comfortable I'd be on said bike but it turned out not to be too bad. This time I thought I'd try the VirtuGo software. It was a bit rough around the edges and limited on the routes - there are just three - but it was usable. The live stats weren't quite as 'ride focusing' as the other software but overall the session was pretty good - in spite of the back. I rode the Wilunga Hill loop. The cat 3 climb at the end was a right bastard - good training for the quads though.

Just hoping my back feels better by this evening...

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Nine Tonne Has Done For Me

So as expected, my back and shoulders are aching after yesterday's evenings exertions spreading 9 tonne of chippings over the shared driveway area - 9 tonnes wasn't enough so there'll be another 4 tonnes arriving next week - doh. Hopefully my back won't ache quite so much after shifting the next lot.

It was a bit jarring to run and although I was itching for it I knew it wasn't really an option. Instead - yes, you guessed it - I hit the turbo and selected a race. 30k with several climbs and a couple of sprints. I was up against ten other riders and, as I'd be warned, they shot off like a loaded gun at the start. I didn't keep up and was dropped pretty quickly. After a couple of kilometres their pace dropped and I was able to keep even pace with them but wasn't able to get back on terms. I did manage to get one place back by the finish so didn't come last. As a bonus though I took a second place on one of the climbs and won both the sprints!

Later in the day I still had pangs of guilt at not having managed a run and had the idea of a hill session on the treadmill where I could keep the jarring to a minimum. I set the treadmill to 5% elevation for 500m and then 10% for five 250m reps. Not totally happy with missing a proper run but I'm hopeful for tomorrow...

Friday, June 29, 2018

Increased FTP

Still feeling tired. The heat is just too much to feel energised. I didn't manage a double but it was a good Zwift bike session never the less. And I even registered an increase in my FTP, up to 181 from 176. (Although I'm not really sure what it is but it's some kind of measure of cycling so indicative of increasing fitness).

I rode the Richmond UCI full course and put in the efforts on the 3 segments (1 sprint, 2 climbs). I think that's what did for the FTP increase. I'm still finding the whole virtual riding/running really incentivising and don't have any issue being motivated for it. Long may it continue. Definitely a run day tomorrow and maybe a little bit of bike if I'm lucky - that's assuming that spreading 9 tonne of gravel later this evening doesn't do me in...

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mish-mash Of Intervals

My legs are still a bit heavy but there was no way I missing another session. I decided that getting my legs moving a little faster than normal might help get the blood flowing. It was a pretty good session. The faster 400m reps felt about the right speed verses distance. I followed that into a longer rep and then 600/800m slower intervals to warm myself down. The pegs feel a bit better now. Hopefully I'll feel up to a run and bike tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Still Feeling A Bit Heavy Legged

Despite a rest day yesterday my legs still felt leaden. At work, wandering around site (yes, I've had my induction) carrying out my tasks, my legs felt rubbish - and I can't blame it all on wearing heavy boots. So I decided to try out a Zwift group bike training session tonight and give the running a second rest day. It was quite motivating riding in a big virtual group but I'm somehow not sure about it...

The hour passed quickly and the session was over before I knew it but I'm not sure about the total training benefit. The software sets all the targets and resistance based on previous rides/efforts but it just felt a bit odd. Each interval was quite fatiguing and the required effort to complete enough that I was glad to reach the recovery phase each time but somehow the overall training effort just didn't seem quite as good as riding Bkool and a hilly route, having both hard ups and easy downs to recover.

Still I think there's probably a place for it. Mixing all the different types of sessions is going to help keep things fresh and interesting and a mix of different types is probably a good philosophy. Not every ride or run can be all out can it? - but I certainly want to make sure I do plenty of hard work work and don't just go through the motions.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Bit Random Today...

Started with a short Zwift as my legs felt a bit sore. After that the soreness seemed to have gone so I decided to try out the bike version of Zwift and over ambitiously jumped straight in with a race (after a very short warm up). That was a bit much. It was a two lap race of 30km total but I had to abort after one lap as I was absolutely dying. I had really good power output but it was just too much.

Twenty minutes after that I couldn't face that I'd not completed the session so hopped back on for another twenty minutes of effort. That finished me off. Then later in the day I got a second wind and went for a real run. Just the local 5k loop but it exorcised the guilt of this mornings rubbish run.

I've burnt some calories today and after six days straight, eleven training sessions I think I've earned myself a rest day tomorrow...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

That Was More Like It

No delivery distractions today although I did have a longer lie in than I'd intended. It was meant to be up and at it early but ended up being at it mid morning. Still, I was at it, so that was the important bit.

I decided to run the full Flaxley loop, 9k. It was far from my fastest but the stats show I'm covering the various section of the route faster, little by little. I'm glad I had the cover of the trees for most of the run though because I was roasting by the end.

After the run I was onto the the turbo for a 30 minute blast with a good solid category 4 climb to finish - me off completely. My quads burnt as pedalled with everything I had left. I was only twice as slow as the record time!

I feel the training regime of run and bike is working though. I feel stronger. Nowhere near what I used to be but I'm inching there and I really do think I'm beginning to get the old addiction back. Being a geek and erstwhile anorak I think the computery virtual stuff is really helping fuel the addiction. It's like being a geek and runner/rider all at the same time!

More of the same tomorrow...

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Not Quite What I Had Planned

but it felt like a pretty good training session despite that...

So I was intending to venture into the Forest - but then I remember I had a delivery coming. So I waited in (and did a bit of gardening to fill the gap) but as time edged ever onwards I couldn't face the thought of waiting too long and slipping back into my old ways, namely losing the will to train!

So having waited as long as I dared I hopped on the treadmill - and wouldn't you know it, 2km in and the damn delivery arrived - doh! By then I was committed to the mill and carried on to complete a lap of Zwift's  London “Classique”, 5.7km. Tomorrow it will be a real run as I've definitely not got any deliveries booked...

After that I was straight on the turbo for ten laps and 10k around Canary Wharf and despite feeling knackered I pushed my legs into action to crank out a few "fast" laps.

And by way of a change, here is a chart of my 'fitness' progress. It's heading in the right direction....

Friday, June 22, 2018

Killed It Today...

I went for another crack at the Bkool Tour de Suisse 2018 stage one TT training route. Last time 31:04, this time 27:48 and it was fair to say I was gunning for it. I set up some of the 'ghost riders' from other Bkoolers who'd been a little quicker than my first attempt but I very quickly left them in my wake - I should have been more ambitious and selected some even faster ones.

I really pushed it. My quads burnt on the two main climbs. I just kept grinding it. Legs are fair wobbly now but recovering quickly. It's a run day tomorrow...

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Solid Day

So I decided not to wait till after work and mustered for another midday session. A 5k Zwift. More of a steady recovery than a hard session but even so I felt quite a buzz afterwards. I think that helped me really break the back of the software I'm working on as the way forward suddenly came into view with crystal clarity... (no I don't know what I'm babbling on about either!)

So after work I was to the turbo for a solid session of just under the hour. A 25k ride from Cross Ash to Crickhowell - virtually at least. I put it a decent amount of effort, focusing on keeping the power average up. It was a really good session.

Really beginning to feel like I've re-found that which was lost...

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Reunited At Last...

Yes, after several years away my colleague and I finally managed to get back out for what was once a weekly appointment - the lunchtime run. We ran the same route I reccied last week. It was good to be back and we're hoping we can resume some level of regularity. Maybe won't happen every week but hopefully a couple of times a month,

As to the run. It was a pretty tired affair despite taking a rest day yesterday. I still felt pretty empty and my legs didn't feel like playing ball. I was about as quick as last week but somehow it didn't feel as strong a run and I really struggled in the last kilometre. To make matters worse I left my watch at home so had to resort to carrying my phone in hand to record the run - can't be not recording the data for later analysis on Strava, Smashrun and Runalyze....

In light of today's tired run I decided to forgo the bike session tonight in the hope I'll be feeling more recharged tomorrow. I'm aiming for a double tomorrow however I feel.

Monday, June 18, 2018

It's Better With A Fan...

Although it should have been a rest day as I very quickly found out. Training was really laboured today. I knew I was struggling within the first few minutes. It didn't get any better from there. Add to that I was on the local loop with a decent climb - suffice to say I didn't climb it decently. Pitiful would be an appropriate adjective.

After eventually making it back to base 6.7k later I thought I might as well finish myself off completely with a 20 minute lap of Central Park - and, of course, I wanted to test how the new fan would improve things on the turbo. And it really did. There was almost no dripping! Okay, so I wasn't gunning for it as my legs were shot and I was generally pretty much pedaling on empty but even so the evaporatitive effect was brilliant.

Absolutely a rest day tomorrow. Despite not wanting to miss a day I need to as today's run really was a bit of a waste of effort and I'd have benefited more from a rest day.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Done And Dusted By 10am

So I was up and at it early - early for a Sunday, not early as in early. Giving the running a miss yesterday had done the trick and my calf was no longer feeling sore or tight. Off I headed into Flaxley wood.

I wasn't feeling as sprightly as I thought I would but then I probably haven't been resting as much as I should either. Even with the enforced non-run, I still hit the bike pretty hard yesterday. Anyway, although I wasn't feeling fast I was feeling like I had a decent level of torque and managed to crank out the run steadily without stopping - apart from the stiles, road crossing and the big steep hill at the start - which is going to take quite a while before I have the power to conquer.

After the run I hopped on the bike for a quick 10 laps around Canary Wharf. That takes my tally to 27 training sessions in 24 days.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Think I Over Did It...

Woke up this morning with a sore and tight left calf muscle. I took a few strides outside to see if I could run but it wasn't good and I decided I'd do more damage than good. It's a bit of a spanner in the works. I was planning a 9-10k run which I'm pushing back to tomorrow - fingers crossed.

Being sensible I should probably have taken a rest day but I couldn't help myself and did a thirty minute session on the turbo as my calf muscle didn't seem to be a problem riding. And then I got carried away and pushed hard to beat my previous power average best.

Hopefully the more fitness I get the more robust I'll become - like back in the old days when I was practically indestructible. When nothing could stop me. But then I guess I am a little older now, no bloody wiser, mind, so perhaps I need to put some structure to training to avoid getting any niggles...

Friday, June 15, 2018

Another Double

I managed to keep my internal promise and got my arse out of bed before work again for another quick 5k Zwift on the treadmill. I've been gradually inching up the speeds as the session go by and this was my quickest to date.

So after work I hit the bike for a session in the virtual Black Mountains, up the virtual A4067, past the virtual Cray Reservoir and down to the finish in the virtual village of Defynnog. A virtual 22k with 340m of virtual ascent. After all that I'm virtually knackered.

Beginning to feel the training buzz...

Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Zwift One After Work...

I probably should have gone into the real world but I didn't. I did train on the treadmill though. A swift 30 minute Zwift interval session. I think I'm getting back in the groove. Sixteen runs in twenty one days and a total of twenty two high effort sessions, bike and run combined stats, over the same period. Tomorrow I'm looking to run before work and then bike afterwards...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Quick Ride In Spain Before Tea

Yes, of course a session on the turbo and Bkool. A slightly easier 20k route tonight as I'm still feeling a bit tired. My sleeping patterns are a bit disturbed due to the humid heat. So I tried one of the video routes tonight and it was pretty entertaining. I'm not sure I'll use the video routes too often but certainly be good to mix things up every once in a while. My wattage was a little down on my best sessions but not terrible. And it weighed in at 35 minutes.

Aiming for a run tomorrow. Fingers crossed...

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lunch As Promised...

Well almost as promised. My colleague got called away so it was left to me to carry the torch - and there was not one doubt in my mind that I'd head on out into the wild blue yonder.

I was trying a new route of about 5.5k on account that the old route would probably kill me - I am not ready to take on Dundry just yet. Anyway, it was an okay run. I set off well but faded. Garmin reports I've gained another point VO2max and it is, never the less, another run in the bag.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Fought Myself Tonight...

not to train! It's not a feeling I've had for a very long time. Tonight I've been itching to get on the exercise but I do feel tired and I know I need a rest so I am resisting. It's been difficult though - which I guess is a good thing, to feel like this. By way of recompense I do have a lunch run lined up for tomorrow with a colleague. We've not run a lunch run together for something like five years so it'll be a momentous occasion if - I mean, when - it happens...

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Back In The Real World...

I headed over to Brierley to test myself on the 7.6k route I've run before a few times. I was pretty sure I'd cover the ground a little better this time and so I did. My heart rate wasn't knocking quite so hard on Mr Maximum's door and my pace was increased. I'm still nowhere near where I aim to be but this isn't a quick process. There will need to be much blood, sweat and tears along the way - although to be fair I'm not planning for there to be much blood nor, in fact, many tears but there's sure to be copious amounts of sweat. As borne out by another session on the turbo once I got home.

So my run was just shy of four minutes quicker than last time with a pace increase of over twenty seconds per kilometre. I'm pretty pleased with that improvement in just under a month of training. Onto the bike and my average power was down 10 watts on yesterday's session of a similar 30-35 minutes duration and climb. My legs were heavy and it was damn hard work.

The stats are telling me I'm hitting high fatigue so I think I'm going to take a rest day tomorrow. Overall my fitness stats are improving though. My resting hear rate is back under 60bpm having been much higher this last year or two. My blood pressure is sitting pretty at 110/65 and my VO2max is on the up.

I have been hitting it pretty hard these last two weeks so a day off won't undo all the good work but I'm definitely not going to lose the momentum now. Especially when it's becoming so addictive in my virtual world of digital pixels....

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Gonna Need A Mop

Put in another good training session today. 5k running and then straight onto the turbo for a 30 minute blast. I am very nearly almost back into the habit - and I'm not talking nuns clothing. Thirteen runs in sixteen days.

I have picked up a slight injury though. I think I have gear shifters elbow from leaning too hard on the handle bars changing up and down the gears.

Training continues tomorrow...

Friday, June 08, 2018

And An Even Better One After Work...

Really enjoyed that session in my virtual bike world. So after getting myself out of bed early for a run before work and a productive days work done I finished the set with a really energising session on the bike. I decided to go for it.

Not a hugely long one, 18.4k, but a good one. I targeted improving my average power and managed to achieve it. About a 20W increase on the last session, 162W. Pleased with that. I even managed to drop Ada and Minnie on the final climb as I put the hammer down - my hammer being one of those fisher-price ones. Ada and Minnie, by the way, were a couple of the 'bot' riders and they'd been passing me, falling back, passing again throughout the ride but I kicked their ass at the finish. Really felt like I was in a race. Good, focused fun and not to mention good training.

A Better One

Well that was a bit improved on yesterday's tired run. A little faster with lower heart rate and it takes my recent activity to twelve runs in fifteen days.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Another Tired One After Work

but at least I'm keeping at it. I think I need to look at fuelling mid-afternoon as I felt energy lacking. After the treadmill I tried the bike but just had to call it a fail. I'll be recharged and back to it tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

In The End, A Rest Day

So I was intending to put in a bike session but after not really sleeping much last night I'm feeling knackered. I decided that, after nigh on two weeks of good training, in fact, probably the best training I've strung together for a year or two or three, I'm due a rest day and that's just exactly what I did - apart from a day in the office.

Tomorrow I will be back on it and it might be a run or it might be a test of the final virtual cycling app I'm going to try - after having received my invitation to the beta trial. Virtu-Go. I will see how I feel tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

A Tired One After Work

Didn't want to slow the momentum but I felt a bit weary by the time I got home this evening. Probably hadn't really fuelled enough through the day but I'm determined not to let this slip. So I got straight on the treadmill for a twenty minute run, 4k. My heart rate was up towards max to indicate a bit of fatigue. Ten in twelve. Thinking bike session tomorrow.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Eight By Four

I decided to test out an interval session on Zwift today. Wasn't quite sure how it would work out. I thought it would likely be mind numbingly boring but it was actually pretty good. There aren't a huge number of sessions available but on the plus side it forces you to man up, knuckle down and just do it.

So to the session. I thought the 400m recovery off a 400m rep would be too generous - until I was half way through, that is. By then I was beginning to think it almost wasn't enough. Using Zwift for the reps on the treadmill definitely made the reps much less boring than running against the clock or the digital count like I have been doing. Not having to keep count and just speed things up and down when told made it much easier to focus on the running.

Seeing the virtual me close down towards the rep start/stop markers on the screen really helped keep the focus. Really made it feel much more like the focus you get running on a real track where there's physical point to run to. Before I started I honestly thought I'd falter and cut it short but once I was underway all I could think about was getting to the next marker point...

So that brings my recent training to nine runs in eleven days and I'm not feeling too knackered. My VO2max has even increased another point.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Bit Of A Bulls Up!

So I thought I'd gauge how things are going by re-running the short Flaxley loop I ran about a month ago. A loop just over 5k with a gentle 150m of ascent. To begin with, things were going okay. I was still puffing like a bastard, mind, but pretty sure I was going quicker. As I came to exit the forest, into the field, on the fast downward section I came to a full stop, blocked by a bull, cows and a couple of calves - why do they always decide corralling by the footpath stile is a fun thing to do?

Anyway, I took stock of my options, headed back up, carried on further along the main track and then cut through the undergrowth, over the fence and across the field back to the route. Those shenanigans had, however, totally f*(%ed my test but even with that interruption I was still a tiny bit quicker. I shall try again on another day.

So once I got home, I gave myself no rest and got straight on the turbo for a ride in the virtual forest. A 12k loop out of Parkend, past Cannop, up to Broadwell and Coalway and back round to Parkend - except it wasn't as I was sat on my bike in the gym room. At one point a rider from Norway joined me on route but he caught and overtook like I was going in reverse. Obviously no challenge, he completed the climb section of the route and then vanished back into the ether from whence he came...

I've managed a good couple of weeks of training all told. Eight runs in tens days and two significantly more challenging 'rides' than has been afforded by my old exercise bike. My legs are aching a little and my arse is aching a lot - no smutty comments please. Why do they make saddles so damn uncomfortable?

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Virtually Knackered

So after a short tester yesterday I tried a more complete test of my new Kickr 'toy'. I signed up for the Bkool premium trial so I could ride 'a real world route'. I then searched for something in the Brecon Beacons area and found what I thought would be a nice introductory 25k starting just beyond Crickhowell, going through Cwmdu, over the top to Llangorse and finishing in Bwlch. It was rated easy so I thought it would be perfect. I configured a few virtual adversaries to make things more interesting. There are loads of other options like setting real world weather simulation including wind resistance but I left that off for this first attempt and then started

The ride itself felt very realistic in a 'sat on a static bike, in the gym' kind of way. As the route unfolded the resistance of the Kickr responded in kind and I was up and down the gears like violist - I don't even know what that means.

The virtual adversaries added an extra dimension. I started off in last place before hauling myself up to second place before finally being knocked back to third. The virtual riders seemed to adapt to my level and are there to keep you pushing - they certainly pushed me on the final climb. I couldn't hold second but I had a nice lead back to fourth but they were closing in fast. My legs had had it but seeing their 'blip' on the radar narrowing the gap forced me to push through it. There were literally pools of sweat all around me when I finished. I was dripping almost at a constant flow, like someone was pouring water over me - they weren't, I checked! (Definitely going to need to get a mat).

I am an awful long way from fit but I think this kit could really help. At the steepest section the resistance switched to 14% and I was practically stopped. It was so hard work against the resistance of the Kickr that my off the saddle full body weight could hardly move the pedals round. Had I been on a real ride I would have fallen over as I wouldn't have had enough forward momentum - and then I'd have never got restarted.

I think the Bkool software could be pretty addictive. There looks to be plenty of local routes available to ride. My time in the saddle today was and hour and ten but the time just flew by. Didn't feel anything like that long. I've a month to try out all the features before making a decision on signing up but just from the initial foray I think it's likely. Eventually I might even have the fitness to ride in the real world without the risk of falling off! And I'm going to do just that and set myself the target of getting myself fit enough to ride in the real world the routes I'll be riding in the virtual one.

Friday, June 01, 2018

And A Quick Test Of My Real Bike And A Kickr

So after this mornings early run I thought I'd give my new toy a test. And boy what a chasm there is between it and my normal exercise bike. Different universe would be a good way to sum it up. It, as you will have figured from the title, is the Kickr smart trainer and from just a short effort - and by god it was an effort.

I've been pondering a smart trainer for a while after reading about the new breed of simulation software. (It would be more accurate to say I saw it on YouTube which piqued my interest and led to some research). So after finally trying the Zwift software for running last week and liking it, I decided to bite the bullet.

I've so far looked into the simulations Zwift, Bkool and Road Grand Tours. RGT is currently in free beta and is, well, free to use at the moment. It doesn't have a huge number of routes but from my first little foray feels pretty realistic - and suffice to say hard going on the hills. I've obviously yet to try the other two but will definitely be taking the free trials after I've got to grips with the nuances of virtual bike riding...

Another One Before Work

What the heck is going on? I again managed to set the alarm early and follow through - stop it - with the threat. Another 5k on the treadmill. Another one just a little faster than the one before. That's seven runs in eight days - a possible PB but definitely a season's best by a long margin.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Very Short Blast

Well what a drive home that was. Wipers to max and beyond..... Surprisingly it didn't take that much longer than normal.

Anyway, I wasn't really feeling it by the time I got home but managed a swift Zwift despite myself. Four 400m's at 4:15 pace or there abouts. There was a few months ago I wouldn't have managed even that so I'm getting better. Aiming for another run tomorrow and then more on the weekend to try and keep the momentum going....

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

5k Before Breakfast!

I've only ever managed that feat of eagerness once or twice during the entire time I've been running. So I managed to set my alarm, set my event and off I went. I inched the pace up though the run, as I've been doing on previous days and finished a little faster but also less fatigued. I was expecting my legs to feel heavy but they felt fine. And after all that it's time for the really hard bit - it's time for work.

Monday, May 28, 2018

It Was Hard Work Today

My legs were heavy and I battled my self doubt to complete another 5k session. I nearly stopped but managed to overcome myself. Heart rate was maxing out and I was dripping by the end but pleased I beat my dithering. Third good session in a row. I started with a thirty minute warm up on the bike. Hoping to keep on with more of something tomorrow.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Zwift Event

So today I tried one of the Zwift events. You click to join the event from the list and then well, I wasn't really sure what to do and I obviously didn't do it quite right as my 5k 'race' was only 4.7km when I crossed the finish line. I think next time I need to just start running as soon as the event start timer hits zero. I was expecting it to automatically trigger to the run screen and tell me to go but it didn't really go like that.

Anyway, I did get underway eventually and it was actually pretty focusing. Slightly weird, running in a virtual world, as we were, my fellow virtual runners and I, but focusing never the less. I managed to go past one runner to take the lead but then got overtaken myself, into the last kilometre. But it was good training as I kept inching the pace up to try and get back but my heart rate was on 172 by the end - a sign of my poor fitness levels - and I couldn't go any quicker.

I have to say the Zwift software has actually made treadmill running interesting. Watching the live stats. Seeing the affect of increasing the speed, on the route averages. Trying to cut the distance to the runner ahead - or keep it from the runner behind. Having a goal. Yeah, I could get into Zwift.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Zwift But Not Swift

Tried Zwift on the treadmill today. It started life as a social turbo trainer app for cyclists and they've now added running. It was actually pretty good. Gave an incentive to keep treading the boards as the stats accumulated. Doesn't look to be many runners on it yet though but there were loads of virtual cyclists constantly firing past - which is a surprise seeing as how much it costs. If the monthly fee for running is as high I won't be continuing past the beta but if the price is right I'd give it a go as it really was pretty good for getting over the boredom that is the treadmill.

5k completed in a time not worth mentioning but Garmin's VO2max stats continue to edge up so I must be headed in the right direction...

Friday, May 25, 2018

God Damn Butterflies...

So as I see it, the forecast for the long weekend looks to be a bit pants. I thought we'd finally reached the warmer stuff and then bam. Some bastard butterfly, on the other side of the world, flaps his wings and puts an end to that. Despite that, the plan remains the same. Three days and three runs to complete. Not sure where, what or how but I'll work that out tomorrow. I eased into the weekend with some reps on the treadmill and bike cool down.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Nine, Cooler Than Two...

but still surprisingly hot as I hit my fifth run in five days. A minor miracle and I feel the better for it. Garmin says my VO2max is increasing - although I am dubious as it's still all very slow and laboured and I feel far far away from anything approaching fit.

As to today's run I finally made it into the forest. A loop past Cannop Ponds along the cycle path before heading up and back along a parallel path though the forest.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Two Hotter Than One?

I can confirm that running at two o'clock is indeed hotter than when running at one o'clock. Three hotter than two? Tune in tomorrow… just kidding - about the time not the intention to get back out there for another run.

So, as the title teases, I made it back out for another 'run'. 9k this time. No easier but I feel it's doing me 'good'. I didn't stray into the forest as per my original plan but stayed closer to home for a loop of Flaxley Wood, taking the stinger laden, tree fallen and generally pretty well overgrown lower path on the eastern flank. And in case you were wondering I didn't know it was going to be quite so stinger laden, tree fallen and as generally overgrown as it was. Still, I made it back in one piece.

More up tomorrow...

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Remind Me Why...

I thought it would be a good idea to go for a run at one o'clock in the heat of the sun? Hot, very hot is the only thing I have to say on the matter and stiles, lots and lots of stiles. Those are the only two things I have to say on the matter. Hot, stiles and gates. Three things. Those are the only three things I have to say on the matter. Hot, stiles, gates and - okay, I'll stop now. Still, I got out there and that's what matters.

I stayed local for a loop I don't think I've actually run in that variation before. Twas quite a nice, near traffic free, loop. I think I'll put it on the list as one to run again. Finished off with 15 minutes warm down on the bike so I am fully ready for tomorrow's run. Probably head into the forest for that...

Friday, May 18, 2018

Hiiting The Weekend

So I've managed to finish the working week with a flourish. A 5k pootle yesterday, a short interval session on the treadmill with bike warm down today and, best of all, I cleared my inbox - ready for it to fill back up again next week.

Up tomorrow, I'm aiming to head out for the first run of what I hope will be three days in a row this weekend. The forecast looks okay although Monday likely needs an early start to avoid getting rained on. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Finally Managed It...

A lunch time run at work. Not a long run. Not a fast run but most definitely a lunch run. It was a little out and back pootle along the Sharpness canal path. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going...

Saturday, May 12, 2018


So I decided to repeat my steps from Monday. Safe in the knowledge I couldn't go any slower, I did indeed manage to go a bit quicker. It didn't feel any easier though - it never does. Still a long way to go. And when I got home, I even had enough energy to make the much needed assault on the 'lawn'. With my new strimmer I managed to bring it under control. I reckon I might almost be able to get the mower on it now.

Monday, May 07, 2018

First Sunblock Of The Year

It had to be done. The factor 30 hit the skin for the first time this year as I headed into the forest to hunt boar - just kidding, for a 'run', in the loosest sense of the word.

It was not fast. It was not pretty. To be honest, it was barely running at all but I must persevere and things will improve - I hope. And on the up side, it was fast enough to register as running on the google fit app, so that's good enough for me.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Oh My Back...

In addition to finally getting out for a run yesterday, I spent the morning in the garden. If you didn't know, I am not the greatest gardener in the world and it has all got a bit out of control [read very out of control]...

Anyway, it was a very productive morning and I managed to get most of the garden back under control except for a few weeds and the 'lawn' - and that needs a strimmer, of which mine is broken so I need to invest in a new one. The upshot is that my back is refusing to function correctly today. Despite that I managed to get the chilies and herbs sown. A little late this year but with winter seemingly intending to last through to autumn, I held off until now.

After that I tried a few steps on the treadmill to see how the back would be and decided it was a no. Peddling my way to thirty on the bike instead with the intention of getting back out there tomorrow...

Saturday, May 05, 2018

I Can Confirm...

It's hot out there. Finally, I ventured forth...
Headed over to Flaxley wood for a loop. It was good to be back out there but by god am I rubbish. Heart rate was through the roof and I was hardly moving. There is much work to do. Still, it's a start...

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Surprising Session On The Treadmill

Okay, so me pootling on the treadmill is never going to set the world on fire but I managed the best of my sessions so far. That was a surprise as I've been a little off colour these last couple of weeks and haven't really been on focus. Ten reps of 60/60s at 14kph, 4% elevation today. Began with 30 minutes on the bike to warm up.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

More Than A Few Days

but I'm feeling much better and managed an easy session on the treadmill. Five reps of 2mins/1mins. Not the greatest but just glad to be back on it.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Bad Weekend

With the weather so lush I was planning to head back into the real world for a proper run - but I've been feeling sick. Barely ate a thing yesterday and spent the day feeling cold. Feeling better today but not totally right - then again, most say I've never been quite right... Managed a bit on the treadmill but it's not been great. Hopefully manage a bit more in the coming week.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Spot Of Sheep Un-Rustling

After the completion of another successful mission water station (the Bigsweir Bridge branch) at this years Offa's Orra, us townies tried a spot of sheep un-rustling...

An errant lamb had somehow escaped the shackles of its prison field. With the gate only a few metres from the water station we thought we'd gently usher it back into its field - but with a massive puddle in front of the gate, it wasn't having any of it...

Anyway, having ushered it past the gate twice and totally failed to get it to go in, it was on a dangerous collision course with the main road but a shout and a holla at some walkers ahead managed to get the errant lamb headed away from the road and back towards the gate. I wasn't going to let it pass the gate a third time...

As it neared the gate it looked to have worked out that that's where is was supposed to go to get back into the field - but it put its front feet in the puddle and thought, f*(% that for a game of soldiers, I ain't getting wet feet... With it looking to pass by a third time I moved in and managed to scoop it up before it legged it away - I've still got a turn of speed, me. With lamb in arms, I waded through the puddle to safely deposit the lamb back in the field before exiting stage left - and then I noticed all the mud smeared down my jeans and on my coat. Grrrrrhh.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Solid Row Reps

Six one minute all out reps on the rower tonight with the same for recovery. The rower really does not take any prisoners...

Sunday, April 08, 2018


Six reps on the rower, 30/30s, followed by six on the treadmill, again, 30/30s at 16kph,4% elevation. The thirty seconds recovery was tight but I was able to stick to it this time. I was going to finish with six reps on the bike but then I thought, 666 - maybe not, so it was a ten minute cool down instead. Definitely feeling a bit fitter.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Back On The Reps

After two days on the bike I was back to some reps on the treadmill - and a bike cool down to finish. Eight 1 minute reps off 90s recovery at 14kph/4%.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Raging Torrent...

But luckily for me I only had to cross it as I finished checking the route markers where all in place around Gilwern Hill for today's Gilwern Grunt.

I actually quite enjoyed the run, keeping an eagle eye out for the markers to make sure they were where they should be. It has to be said though, it was very went underfoot, not to mention positively snowy. Parts of the track around the hill had literally turned into a stream - all thoughts of keeping my feet dry came to a very rapid demise.

After my run I had time for a nice brew back at the car before donning the waterproofs and heading back out to marshal. It was my pleasure to have to send those poor intrepid souls up the raging torrent - most looked to be still smiling as they paddled their way up stream...

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Tight Calf

Not sure what caused by left calf muscle to feel really tight so I cranked up the treadmill elevation to 12% and ran some slower reps to help stretch it. Finished off with a steady 15 mins bike cool down and it feels a ton better now. So now I'm all set to go get cold and wet tomorrow as I check the hill section of the Gilwern Grunt and then marshal...

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Some Training

Intervals on the bike. Nine sixty second efforts in an hours session. Definitely feeling better so all looking good to get soaking wet, cold but hopefully not too miserably on Monday as I route check and then marshal at the Gilwern Grunt.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Under The Weather

Been feeling a little off colour this week. I was hoping to put in a few sessions but just getting through life at work was enough. Starting to feel more chipper today and managed a somewhat pitiful twenty minute session. Hopefully tomorrow's session will be better...

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Just A Minute

Back on the treadmill today for eight one minute reps from ninety seconds recovery. Got my heart rate right up there and best of all, I wasn't falling off the back. Did a set on the rower yesterday.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Today's number of bike reps (30/30s). Pretty good session. Good burn.

On other matters I wasn't expecting so much of the white stuff. A surprising 5-10cm. And as the snow came down I got to looking over my maps - as one does when one's housebound. Okay, that's bollocks - the housebound bit, not the looking over my maps. I really must get back fit so I can revisit all those great places out there in the wilderness.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Back Up To Speed

I was back up on 16kph today. Eight reps at 30/45 and 4% elevation. Felt okay. I was keeping up with pace rather than battling not to slide off the back...

Friday, March 16, 2018

Fifteen Felt Easier

Fifteen reps on the treadmill today. Thirty seconds on with 45 seconds recovery. It felt much easier than the sessions a few weeks ago. Oddly easy. I need to nudge up the effort factor... Put in ten 30/30 bike reps yesterday but didn't bother to write home about it.

And now it's time to bunker down as that pesky Putin fires in another salvo. Not content with the beast from the east or the Salisbury chemical attack he's sending in the beast II - lock up your bread and milk...

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Feeling Like Igor...

As I shuffle around with a stiff neck and aching shoulders. I've not been able to HIIT it today. That's down to using the rucksack yesterday for the first time in ages. It wasn't particularly heavily loaded but I guess you move differently when you're packing. Anyway it's no good for hitting the treadmill.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Plenty Of Layers

It's a nasty job but somebody's got to do it. Today, having volunteered a while ago to marshal check point one, Tour of Torpantau fell race, it was time to make the payment. The weather was not pleasant - slight understatement - but a promise is a promise, and wearing plenty of layers I headed up to Fan y Big from the race HQ -  the forest car park.

I took a slightly wonky route across the expanse but got there in the end. Fortunately, as it turns out, the slightly wonky route meant I wasn't waiting longer than necessary, sat, as I was, at the summit in the wind and rain. Having said that, I was up there about an hour before the sweeper came through and I was relieved of duty.

After the return slog across the top I got back down to the car in good order and with all those layers I wasn't cold or even that wet - at least on the inside. I was glad to put on a fresh set of clothes though before heading home.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Ten Not Quite Of The Best

Yes, ten somewhat random reps on the treadmill this evening. I couldn't quite make up my mind just exactly what the session was meant to be. In the end I ran ten reps of between 30 and 45s with 75 to 90s recovery at a pace of 14 to 16kph and the elevation set at 4% - about the only thing that wasn't random...

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Slightly Slacking...

I've been found a bit lacking over the last few days. Managed a couple of  bike HIIT sessions including ten 30/30s reps today and five 60/60s on Sunday. Need to step things up a bit...

Saturday, March 03, 2018

A Bit Tough Going Today

Pretty standard fair today. Eight rowing intervals, 30/30 followed by just five 60/90s reps on the treadmill. It was a bit lack lustre if the truth be told.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

That Got The Heart Pumping

Eight reps 30/30s on the rower followed by five reps 30/30s on the bike. I was dying on the last couple of reps.  Feels like it's doing me good though - something that takes that much effort has to be doing me good, right?...

Saturday, February 24, 2018


A session of eight 60s reps at 15kph with two minutes recovery and the elevation kept at my now normal level of 4%. I'm slowly starting to edge the sessions out. A little longer. A little faster. A few more reps. It's going in the right direction.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Short and Sharp

Steady session to end the work week. 20 minutes on the bike with five efforts to finish followed by a sharp hiit on the treadmill. Twelve reps 30s/30s at 14kph and 4% elevation. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Breathing Deeply

I definitely feel over the wheezing. Six 30/30s rowing reps followed by six 30/30s bike reps. Didn't feel like I was going to die tonight. Still a hard workout though, just didn't need to gasp for breath come the final few reps.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

That Was Hard Work

Not a long session but long enough - and not to mention lung busting. I decided to edge up the rep duration to 60s and aimed to run ten at 16kph on a 4% elevation with 90s recovery. It ended up being a starting rep at 14kph followed by four at 16kph and a final one at 14kph for six in total with the recovery slipping out to 120s. Even then I had to step off the treadmill after completing the rep to let the speed drop before getting back on. Didn't expect the extra fifteen seconds to make it that much harder work! I finished the session with 5 reps on the bike, 30/30s and got the burn good.

When I read the session back and recall what I used to be able to run... Well, it's not worth thinking about. The here and now is all that matters for now. So anyway, although I'm not feeling completely unwheezy, I think I'm over the worst of it. Hopefully more training tomorrow...

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Training Didn't Quite Make The Earth Move

I'm still feeling a bit wheezy but after having given the training a miss yesterday I felt I needed to do some today - however poor it might turn out to be.

The session today was 10 reps of 45/75s at 14kph with 4% elevation. I wasn't sure if I'd complete as after the first couple I was really puffing, sucking in the air to recover but oddly it got easier through the session. I finished with a ten minute warm down on the bike.

It wasn't till an hour after training I read there'd been an earthquake. On checking my start time I can confirm it wasn't me that caused the earth to move - that happened a few minutes prior to my session starting.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Feeling Wheezy

Been feeling a little bit wheezy the last couple of days, hence no HIIT - until today. Didn't want to miss another day so I tried a burst on the rower followed by a burn on the treadmill. Except after really struggling on the rower - 6 reps 30/30s - I decided to HIIT the bike instead of the treadmill and subsequently struggled there too - 5 reps 30/30s. I don't feel unwell. I just almost feel like coughing but without actually coughing. Tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Trio Of Training

Five all out rowing reps, 30s/30s followed by six treadmill reps of 30s/60s at 14kph but with a further increased elevation of 10% and it all began with a solid thirty minute warm up on the bike. At the moment it's all about maximum variation. I don't want to get stuck repeating the same sets day in day out. It's got to help varying it up. So far so good.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Slightly Different Again

More HIIT. Fourteen treadmill reps, 30s on, 45s off. Slightly slower at 14kph but with an increase in elevation to 6%. Good hard work. The 45s recovery was a good compromise between 30 and 60. Finished with 6 bike reps 30s/30s all out. Might try a run in the real world tomorrow...

Friday, February 09, 2018

A Bit Of Elevation

Well I have to say I'm surprised how much tougher a 4% elevation was for today's resumption of training, I was aiming for 10 treadmill reps of 30s on, 30s off at 16kph with that 4% elevation but couldn't sustain it. After four reps I had to increase the recovery - but on a positive note, I did increase the reps to try and compensate. So in the end the session was 4 reps of 30/30s and 8 reps of 30/60s.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Well Deserved Rest Day?

After six good days, I'm flagging today so I decided a rest day is in order. And to treat myself for six good days I cooked up the ultimate filled omelette - a fish finger filled omelette - oh yeah, michelin eat your heart out...

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Rowing Reps

Another short, sharp session - but certainly not effortless. Six, thirty second all out blasts with thirty seconds recovery. Died on the last rep.

(I'll admit I was aiming for eight but after the sixth, that was that).

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Short And Sharp

So I made it to the treadmill. Ten short but sharp reps. Thirty seconds on, thirty seconds off at 16kph and I even braved a smidgen of elevation. Only 2% mind, but just enough to feel it.

The session was about right. I was just on the edge of not quite recovering before the next rep started. It's a far cry from what I could once run but I just need to keep plugging away for now and not worry about that.

Monday, February 05, 2018


Gave the treadmill a rest today but kept things going with seven 30s/30s all out bike reps. Should be back on the treadmill tomorrow - hopefully. Got a good burn and raised heart rate from the bike though, so it's all good.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Day Three Of The HIIT Parade...

So far so good. Compared to a 45 minute plod, my new 30 minute routine, encompassing 12 minutes at high intensity, feels like I'm accomplishing more.

I've honed the session to 12 treadmill reps of 45s at speeds between 14 and 16kph with a 75s recovery. Now I'm not naive enough to think that the treadmill is anywhere near the same as real life speed but it still feels bastard hard for me at the moment. I'm aiming to run all of the reps at 16kph and then start edging up the elevation.

Then it's 5 bike reps of 30s all out at high resistance off a 60s recovery. My legs burn - which is the way it's meant to be. I'll probably nudge up the number of reps over time.

I'm hoping I can remain enthused enough to complete the session at least a few times a week - I'll brave putting a figure to that after I've managed a few sessions during the working week...

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Intervals Of A Sort

I decided to try and make my legs go a bit quicker than they would if I went for a plod. It was okay. Forty five minutes, 10 reps of 3 minutes at varying not hugely fast pace but faster, at least, than I've managed during my recent runs. It felt quite good to move a bit quicker. Going to try and incorporate this as a weekly session.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Been Feeling A Bit Off Today

Didn't rise till late and been feeling tired all day. Suspect it could be an early night. Didn't manage a run, just thirty on the bike. Determined not to let the running dwindle out though.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I'll Admit It...

I resorted to the treadmill as I couldn't face the rain. Just call me mr namby-pamby.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Pootle Past The Ponds

My knee felt better but I wasn't confident to try and push out the distance further so I plotted a 6km loop over at Soudley Ponds. Never run there before. It's part of my attempt to keep my almost enthusiasm going by rooting out new routes where I've not run before.
Anyway, to quote my new catchphrase, "it wasn't the greatest but at least I got out there". The knee started to twinge with about ten minutes to go so I was right not to attempt anything longer. I have a feeling this is going to take quite some time - I just hope my almost enthusiasm holds...

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Milling Around Again

So I didn't manage a real run today. My left knee is a bit painful. I'm suspecting jogging back from my marshalling point at Thursday's night race, wearing walking boots, probably wasn't the most sensible thing to do. I'm keen to keep the momentum going but without doing more damage so I did a kind of power walk on the treadmill with the elevation set a bit. Hopefully the knee won't be as sore tomorrow and I can get out into the forest.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

A Go On The Roads...

and my legs are hurting. Longest run so far but my legs gave up the ghost in the last few kilometres. It's another run done though.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Pootle Complete...

So I managed to keep lethargy at bay and got out to complete operation pootle. I managed - yet again - to pick a short section of unimaginable bogginess amongst what was otherwise mostly solid terra firma. (Okay, it wasn't that unimaginable but it was slippy as a Hagfish whose slime glands had cranked into overdrive).

Overall, it was the first run during the last week where I very nearly almost felt like I actually managed to run a bit here and there. Granted, the last 2-3km being slightly downhill helped a lot, but even so, it felt pretty good.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Operation Pootle... recommence tomorrow but I'm expecting it to be a chilly one. A loop in the central forest this time.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Run Of The Mill...

Okay, so not exactly out and about but a go on the treadmill is better than nothing. Hopefully soon I will have the mojo to venture forth into the dark, damp, gloom that is a winter evening. I can still feel a bit of soreness in my left itb so I'm not going to run before I can walk, so to speak. Finished with a short warm down on the exercise bike.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Soggy In Places

Still more of a walk than a run, number two complete [snigger]. There were a few very boggy sections on the route despite planning what I thought would consist reasonably firm going. Oh well, at least I stayed dry again - apart from the feet.