Sunday, September 15, 2019

Got My Training For The Black Mountains Race Done....

Don't panic. I'm not running. I'm on registration, operating the Racetek timing system. And by heck there's a lot to it. Hopefully I've made enough notes so I get it right on the day. [Fingers crossed]

As to real training I did a short #Zwift race yesterday, 10k. I didn't push overly hard but did nudge the effort up a little as I wanted to 'feel' if I was able to increase the power a little without get the burn. My average power was a little improved and I didn't get significant burn. Today, I did hours recovery spin on low effort to get the blood flowing without putting too much stress on my legs.

Going to give it another very easy week before I attempt to start increasing things. Going to make sure I take enough rest days this time around...

Friday, September 13, 2019

Been A Quiet Week On The Training Front

It's actually been quite difficult not doing much and just resting. I did another gentle hours spin on Wednesday but other than that it's been rest and recovery all the way. Going to do something tomorrow or Sunday or maybe both, but again, it's going to be very low intensity. I can feel the gains made in the early part of the year ebbing away but needs must. Got to look to the long term...

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Easy Spin

Although I want to take a few weeks off. Well it's more a case of needing to rather than wanting to, in order that the legs recover. The trouble with not doing anything is that I might get out of the habit, and not to mention that I'll go insane not doing anything - well more insane anyway. So today I dialled down the FTP to 100W (from 212W) so I could spin out an hour's #Zwift Academy workout.

That provided absolutely no training effect whatsoever but it made me feel better. To be doing something without actually putting any stress on my frail and feeble body was definitely better than doing nothing at all.

More spinning to follow...

Saturday, September 07, 2019

The Lawson Influence...

So despite planning a loooong lie in this morning, I didn't - well not that long anyway. I was restless and couldn't stop thinking about all that dirt and grime on the bike. I wouldn't have worried about it a few months ago but I've been subjected to a bad influence so I had to get it clean again - not to mention coupled back to the trainer.... An hour later and a bit of elbow grease, the chain, front ring, cassette and all the other bits are back sparkly. Grrrrh.

As to my legs, they aren't sore or achy at all. I think that's down to the fact that despite getting the burn almost instantly when applying any effort I'm wasn't actually doing any muscle damage. Despite that it's been a recovery day. In fact it's going to be a recovery few weeks. I'm not going to do nothing, just nothing of any intensity.

Friday, September 06, 2019

About As Bad As I Expected....

The flat? No problem. The inclines? Big problem. The moment the road went skyward my quads were on fire almost instantly. Not ideal when your 80k charity ride has three decent climbs or 1060m asscent. Going to have take a few weeks near total rest me thinks to get this knocked on the head.

Looking at things differently, I only had one day of suffering, those in need of WaterAid's help have to suffer the effects of no or dirty water every day.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Three Lakes Challenge

It's going to be a very sociable ride this Friday in aid of WaterAid. There's about a dozen of us taking to two wheels with thirty or so on two feet, traversing from Cheddar reservoir, past Blagdon and finishing at Chew Valley Lake. The ride follows a circular route, anti-clockwise, starting and finishing at Head Office and taking in the same three lakes.

Taking most of the day, we won't be going at it hard [well I won't be that's for damn sure] but I'd like to try and hit the main climb pretty solidly - if my legs will allow. On that front, still feeling the burn too soon. I did an easy 30 minutes yesterday which felt a little better but somehow still not totally how it should be.

Ride stats for Friday are 78km with 1050m of ascent, the main climb being the segment up Cheddar Gorge - I've virtually ridden it so it'll be interesting to ride in real life....

The route is anti-clockwise starting and finishing at HQ

Here is a link to the collective team sponsorship page if anyone feels so inclined. We are raising money for WaterAid.

From the WaterAid Website:- 
"Right now, some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised people don’t have clean water to drink, decent toilets or hygiene. Without these basics, overcoming poverty is just a dream.
But when you help us to dig a well or install a tap stand in a community, you're changing the lives of children for the better. They can dream again. 
Every child should have a bright future ahead of them and focus on being a child - not walking long distances to collect and drink dirty water.
785 million people in the world – one in ten – do not have clean water close to home. We'll keep working until everyone, everywhere has clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. But we can’t do it without you."

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Recovery Day And A Clean Chain

So ahead of Friday's bike ride [in the real world] I thought I'd get my machine in as tip-top a condition as my meagre bike maintenance skills allow. Exercise wise I did a relatively easy thirty minutes on, yes you guessed it, #Zwift. An odd one. My quads definitely knew I'd "ran" yesterday but maintaining the recovery 2.5W/kg wasn't overly taxing. I was expecting to be on lower power in order for it to be recovery rather than effort so maybe I'm over the nadir... 

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Almost Needed A Sweeper Myself...

Well that was bloody hard work. Sweeper at the Fan Brycheiniog fell race. 15.2km, 750m elevation. As sweeper I was only just able to keep up. Still struggling. My legs don't seem to want to work. Even with an almost week of full rest - other than work - I still felt far from rested. I enjoyed being out there so it's not going to stop me and I'll just put with things and hope I get through it, what ever it is.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Better But Not Totally Convinced

I expected to feel stronger on today's easy Zwift. I felt less of a burn but I still feel like I'd have got the burn too soon had I increased the power. Definitely better but not what it should have been after four days rest. I guess sweeping the Fan Brycheniog fell race on Saturday is going to be interesting - I just hope some really really slow runners turn up...

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

RHR Getting There...

So my resting heart rate is heading back towards 50 - or so my new gadget tells me. Sunday it was north of 60 - according to the same gadget. I have been resting - apart from the burden that is work. I might try a gentle bit of Zwifting tomorrow to test the water as it were but it won't be anything too energetic as I have to be capable of traversing 16km/850m ascent as sweeper of the Fan Brycheiniog fell race on Saturday. And if I survive that it will be all systems go again.... or not.... as the case may be......... We'll know come Sunday.....................

Monday, August 26, 2019

A Day Of Rest

and I still feel tired. Not looking forward to back to work Tuesday. The 05:40 alarm call is not going to help with the tiredness levels. Resting heart rate is elevated. Tomorrow is almost certain to be another exercise free zone and I'm going to keep resting until my resting heart rate falls back to normal levels and my 'body battery level' starts hitting 100% recharged - I love all the new data analysis bulls#!t reported by my new watch...

Sunday, August 25, 2019

That Was A Tad Hot

and not totally inline with my week of rest. I feel bloody worn out. It was so hot I practically steamed in my "marshals outfit" at the entrance to the finishing field at the Severn Bridge Half Marathon. Last year I got soaked and frozen half to death, this year almost got heat stroke. And then, with no rest for the wicked, I headed to work to sort out operational problems. Finally got home at five, thoroughly bloody worn out.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Forgot How Nice Dymock Woods Are

And there are lots of tracks and paths packed into a relatively small area. Plenty of room for route variations to keep it fresh. The nicest part is the variety of trees. The worst part? Well that's down to me being worn out. I think I'm suffering a tad from overdoing it. Not that I've been running particularly fast during the overdoing it, just lots of sessions and too little recovery. I've been suffering on the bike. My power is way down and today my legs were fatigued within a few minutes. My heart rate wasn't overly high. I'd normally register a higher average. It was just my legs hit the burn at a pitiful pace. I enjoyed the run on the grounds of where I was running but I think I'm going to take a week off. May be a couple of very short, low low effort sessions to keep me sane more than anything else but other than that I think I need the recovery.

Oh, and the new Garmin was good. The routing function was great. It was so easy to map up a route and then have it instantly appear ready to activate. Didn't need to concentrate at all on which path to take as the watch told me all. Giving me a beep at the appropriate point to make a turn. Made the navigation an absolute doddle. Didn't need to refer to the map and compass at any point.

Today's route (clockwise)

Friday, August 23, 2019

Six Of The Best?

Okay, so not really that good. My legs are still hitting the burn too soon. It was my final required #Zwift Academy Ride/Race and tonight it was six short laps with a sprint section. I like the short lap as you tick them off in quick order and before you know it you've finished. As I said to begin with, my legs were burning too soon and despite giving it solid effort my power was down - as was my finishing position. Normally I'm mid pack. Firmly in the bottom half tonight though. Anyway, I'm over to Oxenhall Wood tomorrow to try out my new Garmin with its built in mapping.