Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Still Not Feeling 100%

I think I need a few good early nights to reset the system. Really struggled to get up this morning - but software doesn't write itself while you sleep - which is bloody shame. Actually got on really well with it after the extra strong coffee was in the bag. Light training tonight and having found the rower a struggle I need to make those early nights a priority... 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Finally Feeling Better...

I've been feeling rough for few days. It came on me Thursday and only now do I feel back to normal. Stupidly I got my kit ready for Saturday's Four Fans race - but saw sense before I headed over. Disappointed to have missed one of the best South Wales races of the calendar but better to have run away to come back and fight another day...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Too F*(kin' Hot For Running...

I almost melted. At one point I was sweating so much I think my sweat was actually sweating! I wasn't long into the run, on the first climb when I realised I was not going to make the planned ten miles. These temperatures really do not suit me and I cut it short. I finished with twenty on the gym bike as I watched more of the Olympics. To say I was dripping would be an understatement.

If the temperatures don't cool down significantly then I may have to reconsider the Four Fans. Being stuck out in these temperatures in the mountains is not something I particularly fancy.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Easy Loosener

Didn't want to replicate my last run and get dehydrated and do something to my leg. Just a little pootle to test there was no issues - and there weren't. A bigger run planned tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I Appear To Have Slightly Knackered My Leg

Left leg is still painful to run. I don't want to prolong things so I took it easy today with a bike session. The action of pedalling doesn't seem to be a problem. Only the running...

Monday, August 08, 2016

Got Myself A Little Dehydrated

Struggled a bit on today's training run. I decided on a run through the woods local to home. I was initially thinking of running the Malverns but being another hot day I wanted to try and keep myself under cover as far as possible. As it turned out I'm glad I stayed local.

I headed up to Hobbs Quarry before heading through Blaisdon Wood. Interestingly my GPS shows I was 20 seconds quicker on the Hobbs climb but that was pretty much the only highlight of the run over and done with inside the first ten minutes. Then it was over to Flaxley Wood before heading into Edgehills Plantation - or was it the Haywood Plantation? It was really the track through the middle.

Anyway, as I headed into - we'll settle on calling it the Edgehills Plantation - I started to get a bit of pain on the side of my left leg near the knee. Added to that I started to flag in the heat. From there on in it was all a bit of a struggle. By the end of the run, the run-in being along the Gloucestershire Way, my left leg felt okay again but I was feeling knackered.

I downed a few pints of water once I got home so I'm thinking I was pretty dehydrated. Need to make sure I don't repeat that tomorrow but it does explain why I really struggled. In all I covered just over 17km with 550m ascent.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Thought I Was In For A Soaking...

Through the day the winds had been gusting outside and by five there were some pretty iffy looking dark clouds forming. Having spent an almost uninterrupted eight and a half hours sat at my desk I was not going to not head out for a run and as it turned out the rain kept at bay.

It was a modest run. Up through Hobbs quarry, across to Blaisdon woods and then back along the road. I didn't really flow. I should probably have done some kind of warm up. When I got back I put in 25 minutes on the bike. And that was that.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Felt A Bit Easier Today

I've been struggling with the running for the last few weeks, It's all felt like it was very hard work for the speed that I've been running. Today I decided to just run. No looking at the watch. No worrying about the pace. I just ran and it felt good.

I tried a slightly new route today. Slightly new in that I tagged on Hobbs quary to the start of the Blaisdon & Flaxley wood loop. It was a nice route, cool through the woods and I think that helped. I surprised myself by running quite well on the climbs. I didn't force it, I just let it happen.

Fingers crossed for another good run tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

There's Nothing Quite Like A 10k...

to show you how bloody rubbish at running you've become - and on current showing, I have become pretty bloody rubbish. It was not a fast one tonight. Conditions were pretty good. A little breeze but nothing to write home about. The Blaisdon 10k isn't totally flat but it's out and back so it evens out. It's tougher than a dead flat one but even so my time was pants.

The only way is up from here...

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Too Hot, Too Hot

I'm quite liking the temperatures at the moment. It feels like summer - but I'm terrible running in this heat. It just melts me. I'm not saying I would have gone a whole lot quicker in today's Waun Fach fell race had it been been cooler but I'm sure I wouldn't be feeling quite so whacked now. It's really taken it out of me.

Anyway, I took the main climb steady as I wanted 'strong' legs for the descent. I ran alright around the ridge towards Waun Fach before a bit more 'steady' action on the final bit - read walking. I managed to overtake a few people on the ridge who were stronger on the ascent.

It was then workman like around to checkpoint three before the longed for descent. It's funny but each year the ridge seems to have more hillocks. It obviously doesn't but I guess I can put that down to senility creeping in. I had a pretty good one although my legs were thrashed by the time I approached the final hillock but I did manage to overtake a few more there before struggling up the final 'blip' to the finish. I thought I was going to lose a place but just held on.

Now I'm home, never has a cool shower felt more welcome...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Being Defeated A Little....

The curse of work is hitting me at the moment - and there's nothing that hits as hard as work. I'm fighting through it but this heat wave is not helping and I am feeling knackered. I'm biding my time. I've been doing some bike session and core but my energy levels are low....

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Still Suffering...

My quads are still desperately sore. It hasn't helped me that I didn't leave work yesterday until 2am this morning. Suffice to say I do not exactly feel brimming with energy today. Into the weekend I am planning a solid run in the mountains. Haven't decided exactly where just yet but it needs to be a fairly long one...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Legs Destroyed

I was surprised how badly my quads hurt when I got up this morning. I wasn't expecting to feel sore or tired since the Pen y Fan race is such a short race - steep but never the less short. So I made my way over to Llanfrynach in spite of my sore legs, ready to make my assault on the Fan y Big fell race - turns out it was more of a minor skirmish...

Conditions weren't as bad as yesterday although the tops were still in the light mist but it didn't rain much. There were some strong winds though and it didn't help that the main climb was pretty much head on into those winds. I ran steady and ground my way to the summit of Fan y Big. I didn't climb particularly well on account of little to no leg power. From there things got better though.

I picked up a few place on the ridge section before almost committing harikari as I slipped at the start of the descent. My leg flew backwards and I jolted forward, my head making a bee-line for a large rock. As in the movies, time did seem to slow a little and fortunately I somehow managed to stay on my feet - although I'm not quite sure how. That near death experience didn't deter my though and I carried on slipping and sliding my way down off the mountain. Gaining another few places.

I was pants once I hit the road, my quads were screaming out for me to stop, and with a not great time on the cards and lowly position in the field, I wasn't keen to push hard and do more damage so I plodded onto the finish - relinquishing some of the gains.

A combined tally of 23km and 1300m of ascent for the weekend has to count as decent training - even though I can hardly walk now and suspect I have a few days of this ahead...

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Well That Didn't Go As Well As I'd Hoped

Bit of a disappointing performance in the Pen-y-Fan race really. Conditions were pretty much as expected - wet, windy and miserable. The summit was well and truly in the mist - as was most of the mountain below the summit.

I set off okay but really struggled on the first section of climb. I felt okay on the ridge bit but didn't feel strong on the last bit of the climb to Corn Du. From there it was only a couple of minutes over to Pen-y-Fan. Then came the disappointing bit.

I'm normally good on the descent but I struggled today. I had to take my glasses off due to the rain and wasn't able to 'spot' my footing on the way down. I stumbled a few times at the top of the descent and lost my nerve a bit. I was just struggling with my footing and lost heart for it. I just went through the motions from there to get to the finish.

Hopefully, I will go a bit better tomorrow at Fan y Big...