Sunday, December 23, 2018

A Bit of Brithday Bkool

No Zwifting today.... Did a spot of Bkooling instead. Same setup, different software, same end result. A decent hours effort, starting north west of virtual Monmouth and ending virtually further north and west at Cross Ash. Bkool's main difference is that the routes are gps uploads of real routes. That provides more ride variation. The main reason I rode Bkool instead of Zwift was to determine if my trainer is getting a problem or I'm getting weaker.... Conclusion... I'm getting weaker. My power was nicely higher than my previous rides on Bkool but not as high as over the last month or two on Zwift and it also felt hard effort on the legs. I therefore think Zwift is working fine and that it's just me that's a little bit crapper - but then I am a year older than last month....

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