Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Recovery is the order of the day

So, all things being equal I went for another run today - what am I like? Am I crazy? Nope, just a little mad - but I made sure it was a really really easy one - and besides the legs actually felt a lot better today - which was surprising. The pain in the quads has almost gone.

I went out with the lads and ladesses from the the gym. To force myself to go slow I volunteered to bring up the rear - oh er - and what a nice set of rears they were - say no more, say no more. Anyway, it was a good little run. We were out for about an hour and ten and we didn't cover that great a distance but I feel it's done me good. Whether I will be sufficiently recovered by tomorrow to do the full on track session or not is open to debate but one thing is certain, I will definitely give it a go - after all I'll be resting from then on until Sunday.

Without further ado, from the Hogweed Trot 10k, not my greatest I have to admit, in fact I've yet to produce my greatest, but here it is anyway, Episode 12: Hogweeds Revenge.

Thought for the day: Dogs have owners. Cats have staff!