Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beautiful monsoon

It was a tad wet on the track tonight. In fact, it tipped it down. Sean and Nick had a bit of a wet T-shirt competition going on - not sure who won 'cause I sure as hell wasn't looking - didn't want to bring my tea back up! Sadly, there was no Harry again tonight - shame on you Harry. Hopefully he will resurface on Saturday to perform the 800m over at Yate in the Midland League Division 5 match.

Tonight we were on the short stuff again. The lads managed 4 x 400m, 4 x 300m and then 3 x 200m. I only managed three of each but I have to say it was my fastest set of laps for quite some time, 68, 67, 69 followed by 51, 51, 51 and 34, 32, 34 to finish. I worked really hard tonight. The legs were to the point of buckling underneath me in the last 100m of each fours and threes but I was determined to make it hard tonight - oh her misses. I definitely didn't take it easy. My legs were like jelly after the fours and threes but I really enjoyed it tonight - in spite of the drenching we all got. There was even a rainbow at one point - 'lovely'.

Not sure what training I will do tomorrow. I might try my hill reps over Ashton Court - four or five 800m reps but can't say for sure whether I'll have the commitment for that. Fall back options are to go for a hilly run or, barring that, do bugger all - I hope I can muster one of the first two options!

Thought for the day: Regret for wasted time is more wasted time.