Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shouldn't have done that

I definitely should not have done that - run the Weston Prom 5 miler that is. I was pants. I just ran completely out of steam. I actually withdraw from the race at the half way point, reached in a time of 15:15. I felt awful, the calves - is it calves or calfs, or is it really a word at all and should I use 'calf muscles' instead, being a man of science, I have no clue as to the correct usage and so will continue, rightly or wrongly, to use 'calves' - right, now we have that straight on with the show - were tight and I felt a bit sick so I just pulled over to the side and stopped. And there it was starring me squarely in the face - my first ever failure - the first time in my seven years of running that I have ever just given up in a race and failed to finish.

Or was it? As six people came past, about twenty seconds elapsed and with all sorts of things going through my mind and me just stood there motionless - the madness returned. I don't do quit. I knew the time was shot but the mad runner never quits. I put the keys back in the ignition and fired up the engine. I was off again. As a couple of Clevedon boys came past I somehow managed to get back up to speed (almost) and ran just off the back of them. As we turned at the far end of the course for the final time I started to move past them - not that I was running quickly - but never the less I was going to finish. I came home in a slow time. Somewhere outside 31 minutes - I don't the exact time because I'd already stopped my watch when I pulled out at the half way point. I was 30th in the race but I finished and that's all that matters to me.

Now maybe I shouldn't have run tonght - and maybe there's a lesson hiding in there somewhere but I don't think it's a lesson I will ever learn. Anyway, I feel ok now, and overall it's been a good six days of back to back running and four hours of bike. Nothing is broken so there's no real harm done - except to my pride, but if you know me then you'll know I'm not too fussed about since I don't have much of that to begin with.

Congratulations to Nick T, he didn't run tonight due to a slight niggle, but he did come second in the series. I collected his prize which I will bestow upon him at an impromptu ceremony next Wednesday at the track - if he's there - and can something be impromptu if you've just gone and planned it?

Thought for the day: The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above-average drivers.