Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fourth day in a row Tuesday

My fourth run in a row followed by my fourth burn up on the exercise bike afterwards. It was another steady run of around an hour and I'm feeling stronger each time I run - although I do feel extremely knackered right now. I may have slightly overcooked it so far this week. That is to say, I might be a bit crap on the track tomorrow but fear not, for I shall be trying my darndest - is that a word? Probably not - who cares? Whatever Sensei Rick throws at my tomorrow I vow to do my best in the eyes of the god of the track, Legus-Kwikus.

Further on in the week I have a bit of a dilemma, da dah dahhhhh - don't panic, nothing major. I don't know whether to go and run the Weston Prom 5 miler on Thursday or go do some of my home brew 800m hill reps. Ideally I'd like to do both but that isn't an option, unless, of course, I have some kind of magic time device - and as such a device doesn't exist, it looks like I have a decision to make.

Thought for the day: Your friends will love you anyway.

PS. And yes Nick, the shades in the new pic are my lucky hurdling ones, as worn at Hereford.