Friday, May 25, 2007

Lazy days

Well, I'm well into my taper. Two days down, one to go - brilliant. I'm looking forward to the race now, it's the first one in a while that I've decided to take semi-seriously. The last one I really went for was the Chedworth Roman Trial and I had a good run there so fingers crossed for a good one in Sunday. I think the 7 mile distance should be fine - I should stay the distance reasonably well - or at least I hope I do - it'll be a bit pathetic if I don't! Even though I haven't been doing any hill training I'm beginning to feel strong(ish) again. I really need to get out and start putting in some quality hill sessions so I'm ready to take full advantage of my strength on the uphill sections of these fell race jobies but after Sunday I'm not sure when I will next get to run a fell race, might not be for a few months, have to wait and see how things go. My main focus has to be the Berlin Marathon - and to that end I really need to start thinking about putting my plan together and getting in some longer runs. It's only 18 weeks away - and that will just fly by if I'm not careful.

Thought for the day: We cannot change the direction of the wind - but we can adjust our sails.