Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dead Legs

How ever you scored today's run, Dundry won. I was leaden. Barely able to put one foot ahead of the other. Through the morning I didn't feel too bad. No aches. No Pains. I actually thought I might go alright. It took me all of two strides to realise I'd be struggling to get before dark - and we were on the lunch time run!

My legs just wouldn't go. Whatever I tried they just refused to play ball - just as well since we were meant to be running. The climb seemed to take forever so it was quite a surprise to be as quick to the top as I was. Once onto the down I still couldn't speed up. I finally made it home with a time beginning 32 minutes and something - which I was actually pleased with as it felt much much slower. Forget the time though, the most important thing was the getting out there. It would have been real easy for me to have used yesterday's race as an excuse and not run. Wind the clock back six months and I almost certainly wouldn't have.

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