Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Cut Is The Deepest

And with the sun shining I could not put off that first cut any longer. With the temperatures creeping up after the cold snap the grass has started to grow. I can see that if I left it another week or two I would have needed a machete to get through it. As it was, I reckon I caught it just about right. It certainly looks a lot better. Not exactly ready for crown green bowling - but then again, it never will be but that's not what I'm aiming for. It looks tidy and that's enough for me.

Also been busy sowing more herbs. This time I'm trying coriander, rosemary and thyme. There's still no signs of growth on the basil, chive, tomatoes or chilli but I think it's still at least two weeks away before I'm expecting to see signs of life. Around the same time I reckon my chitting potatoes will be good to plant up. There are tiny shoots beginning to break out on my seeders but those tiny shoots need to be 2+ cm before I plant 'em out - or so the books say. I'm quite looking forward to watching it all grow - providing of course that any of it actually does grow. I know I will feel very disappointed if it all amounts to nothing.

On other front's I've a Paul Holywood fruit loaf proving and I'm planning cauliflower cheese for dinner. All of which hides the fact that my legs are achey breaky. I can't face a run despite the bloody marvelous weather. Did I mention I tidied up the decking? Well I did and as soon as this two hour gentle bike session is complete I am heading out there to bask in the sun with a fresh brew and a good book.

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