Friday, February 10, 2012

Dib Dib Dib

Look at my shiny new dibber! It's a beauty - and in club colours too! Having said that though, if I do ever get round to joining NGOC it'll be the wrong colour but for now it matches Chepstow so I'm happy with that.

On other matters I'm happy to report I did indeed make it out of the house and down to Bristol. As suspected the 'blizzard' warnings were just a lottle - that's the opposite of a little - over egged. As to training, I'm building up for another long run tomorrow but I'm thinking of running from home and into the forest to get a more stable paced long run, while avoiding the ice into the deal. Yes, I do think the ice will be a hazzard - far more of a hazzard than the 'snow'. I reckon it's going to be a cold one and I'd prefer to keep to a faster pace in order to stay warm. I might even try and get up early enough to head over for the Parkrun as a half-time speed burst - but that might be pushing it. More bike tonight in the warm. I was going to head out but its too damn cold.

And tonght I even had time for a quick half hour of work on the van before my hands froze. I've installed the LED lighting. Well, when I say installed, what I really mean is wired. At the moment they are stuck in place with tape. I need to find a few hours to upholster the walls and roof before I can truly fix them into position and call them installed. They give good light though and each side is independently switchable between on, off and door activated. Pleased with my choice.

Lights, camera, action...

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Paul said...

Looking good Dave. You defo need a diesel heater in this weather!

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