Friday, February 03, 2012

40 Off

It was cool out there today as Martin and I ran the Malago Park route at lunch and surprisingly I managed the afore mentioned '40 off' my previous quickest. Almost dipping inside thirty minutes for the 7.2km route. Maybe next time...

To spice things up we ran through the park and round the road as opposed the more conventional round the road and through the park - oh yes, we know how to live life on the edge. In fact, we were so on the edge we almost fell off. A good run and I finished off the days training with an hour on the bike before turning my thoughts towards tomorrows run.

To that effect I am undecided. I really fancy a go in the snowy black mountains - maybe better named the white mountains at the moment. When the snow is down the vistas are even more stunning than normal. But will it be too cold for me? The alternative is a long run in the forest which is almost as spectacular in the snow - but I don't reckon we'll get more than a light dusting at best. Either way it's got to be a long one. If I do go the way of the mountain I'm going to stay close to the main A40 and run a loop up to Pen Cerrig Caulch and all the way along the top ridge. That route gives me options of escaping early if things aren't going well. I will call it in the morning...

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