Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Full Bodied

It's been a while since I've had a proper achy upper body. The 'core' has been on the training plan all year and tonight I finally got off my arse after ninety on the bike to complete the entire plan. So far it's only happened in dribs and drabs. A sit-up here. A pull-up there. The odd push-up. Tonight I fully followed the plan. Not that it was a huge amount by core workout standards but it was a start - and one hell of an eye opener. I've really let it slide. My previous three sets of 40 press-ups was a paltry two sets of twenty five. The pulls ups.. don't ask! The abs weren't much better at three sets of thirty. Oh, the shame. The ignominy. Woe is me. On the plus side, my lack of core strength isn't quite showing as flab - yet... Oh and I finished with a 2k row at maximum effort, started steady and built and built to finish totally discombobulated...

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