Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Amazing Growth

Forget tonight's Bridge Inn 5k race, my flippin' basil and chillies have only gone and started sprouting. Cor blimey guv, I'm so.. - sad, no - ok, yes - I'm so.. looking forward to seeing them grow. Grow, chillies, grow...

As to tonight's Bridge Inn race, that also went well. I'm not talking sub 18 minutes. I'm not talking sub 19 minutes. What am I talking is - ssh, stop, no rude interjections, thank you - what I am talking is a fifty second improvement from last month down to 19 minutes and 32 seconds and more importantly a much more focused and controlled run. So, I set off a bit over excitedly, closing down the first kilometre on my pb pace of 3:38. Too fast. Way too fast. I consciously slowed it down while all the time focusing on my stride length. By the 3k marker I could feel myself slowing. I kept the focus. I could feel my muscles tightening as I did my utmost to keep the stride long, the back straight and the form good but the early pace took its toll in the last kilometre. With such a fast - relatively speaking - first kilometre the price was always going to have to be paid. With that 'bloody taste' forming at the back of my throat I pushed aside the pain and stayed focused to the finish.

I'm pleased with the manor of tonight's run. I'm pleased with the improvement. I'm not so pleased with the fact that I can see the road back is going to be a long one - and almost certainly as windy as badgers burrow.

ps I know a badger lives in a sett

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