Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Knew I Was Right

Cocky, eh? No, not really. It wasn't difficult for me to realise my time at last night's Bridge Inn 5k was slooooow and I was indeed not quite as close to twenty as I'd hoped. Then again, starting as far back in the field as I did my 20:20 probably could've be 20:00. Either way I felt I held my form well. But it has shown me how much work I need to do. Just quite how far back I have slipped. I still feel fit and strong for the mountains but outside twenty for a 5k is, quite simply, bloody well not on. It will be my spur. I will improve and I will commit to doing so. Don't get me wrong I am enjoying getting out there into the mountains more than ever. Sometimes for the solitude. It's a time for reflection. A time to be at peace but at other times its great to run with friends who like the doing same. I shan't give it up - but I'd like a little bit more speed when I need to call upon it...

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