Tuesday, February 21, 2012

That Was Hard

Oooh er. That is, it was hard work running over Dundry on the lunch run. We ran anti-clockwise today - the harder direction in my opinion - and the wind was blowing strong in our faces - but what do I know? Despite that, I felt good on the long and steady climb. It didn't feel fast on account of conditions but I plugged away and I was disappointed to reach the top in quite a slow time - damn it.

My left calf was, once again, a little tight after Sunday's run and I wasn't able to stride out in quite the same manner as last week. I did try to get up onto the balls of my feet and stretch things but my calf wasn't having it. There was no spring and I just never quite got going. Despite that I pushed hard to get home in my quickest time for over a year on the anti-clockwise loop by some thirty seconds. I can't be anything but happy with the run but it's not generating quite the same buzz as last week but it still feels good.

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