Sunday, February 05, 2012

Vanning It Up

Yep, that's Vera's roof ply lined with insulation. Hopefully that will vastly reduce the condensation and further reduce the noise. Bloody hard work though and definitely not as neat a job as the floor or walls. I realise now that I should have done the roof first - hindsight, that annoying thing that crops up just a little too late. The way the root panels sort of flipped into place meant I had to shorten them slightly to be able to get them over the top of the side ply. That meant they weren't on full tension and I had to 'adjust' the edges afterwards to get back the tension. Not quite as neat a job as I would have liked but now it's up it looks okay and once I cover with the denim the few gaps and mis-fitting bits will be even less noticeable - unless, of course, you look - so no looking, OK.

I also insulated the four existing ply sections in the back and side doors and removed the original central light and wired up two points for the addition of LED lights. One above where the cooker will be and the other above the bed. Just need to buy the LEDs now...

So having spent the best part of six hours on the van I'm a bit pooped. Going to hit the bike for an hour or so in front of the telly later. My legs ache from yesterday's exertions so I decided to take it a bit easier today.

First section of the roof in...

All done with the electrics dangling ready for the new lights

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