Monday, February 27, 2012

Preparing To Bridge Across

To tomorrow night's Bridge Inn 5k. I am resting tonight. Giving my legs a full rest - that and the fact my back aches. A day slouched around the conference table is not best preparation. Fortunately I'll not be back around the table tomorrow. No I've more darn software testing instead - doh, give me the conference table, give me the conference table...

I'm hopeful I won't be quite so slow as last month. That was a shocker. OK, so I didn't really try that time out but I'm scared. What if I try - and believe it or not I do intend to try at least a little bit in tomorrow's race - and still run like 'Mad Runner The Amazing Human Slug'? I feel I've made some gains this month despite not really committing to any specific speed work. Focusing on lengthening my stride during my normal every day run has helped and I hope to focus on that tomorrow night.

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