Monday, February 13, 2012

How Much?..

..Power does the cars air-con use!! And why can't I switch it off when I select windscreen de-mist? All the other modes of heating or cooling can toggle the ac on or off but not windscreen demist. Oh no, that needs the ac switched on. All of which has nothing to do with running but as I've been lazy I need something to talk bollox about.

Anyway, I finally worked out why my fuel economy has takes a nose dive during the colder months - only taken 18months, doh. It takes a big hit. Down from a cracking 63 miles per gallon during the summer to a rather pants 56-58 mpg right about now. It finally dawned on me that the ac indictor comes on when ever de-mist is sellected and then, being a total nerdy geek, I set about some testing. With steady speed attained on a flat section of road I was able to drop the instantaneous mpg from 62 to 56. Turn de-mist on - 56, turn it off - 62, on, 56, off 62, 56, 62, 56, 62. Yep, fairly conclusive in my book. Suffice to say I shall be keeping the de-mist on a much tighter rein from now on - every little helps...

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