Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Mission Complete

Another successful training run completed to the plan. Well almost... I can happily tick off the run but I ran like a total flump. My attempted 'strong run' up the hill was somewhat of a damp squib - and I blame Martin. He flew out of the starting gate like a bloody lunatic. I stupidly followed in cold pursuit. It all felt a little too fast - and it was. By the time I was halfway up the hill I was f*(%ed. It was all that I could do to actually keep running all the way over the top. I forced myself on because I didn't want to set a precedent for stopping - you let yourself stop once, you'll do it time and time again...

From the top things did improve a little. Having hit the top in close to my slowest ever I picked up the pace on the run in to finish in a reasonable time. I was fair surprised at the time showing on my watch as I crossed the line. It wasn't my quickest but it was quite a bit faster than my slowest.

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