Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not Quite Sure What Happened At Lunch Time..

Martin and I went out for our weekly run. Started steady and then I seemed to feel OK on the climb for once. OK, I thought, the steady start must be really really steady. No problem - but hang on. Me? Leading Martin towards the top? Something seriously wrong there... Especially as I felt so comfortable. Definitely on for a slow one but that's OK. But hang on, no, I was over the top in my quickest time since 2010. OK, so Martin did catch me by the top - but only just. Then, on the descent, up on my toes, striding out, I caught him back. I held on as long as I could but in the last mile he finally edged past and I was spent. I dug deep to finish in my fastest time since November 2010 and a time that probably makes my top five. I was a fraction tired at the finish but really pleased.

Today, I concentrated on striding out thoughout the run. My stride has been getting shorter and shorter as I've moved to longer stuff. It just goes to show how important running form is. Just focusing on my stride length helped. Can't wait to see the affect it will have when I actually manage to get in a speed training session...

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LittleRed said...

So that's what you guys were up to when I saw you after my run looking red-faced and rather out of breath! Nice one Dave!!

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