Thursday, February 23, 2012

Certainly Curtainly

I have purchased the curtains to shut off the cab from the living area in the van. Plain black and double lined. For the rail, I'm going with a piece of 25mm diameter dowel - this thing is happening on a budget after all. All I need now is a day off work to fit them - ooh, that's lucky... Tomorrow I'm going to make a start on the kitchen unit as well. I won't get it finished but once I've got the ball rolling, it'll hopefully gather some moss, I mean, won't gather any moss - hang on, that should be a stone. Oh well, what ever. Maybe, if I'm lucky I'll find the enthusiasm to get out for a run as well.

Tonight I am totally chilling. With the software tests very nearly complete I'm after a total rest day from training. This evening I relax. The sofa beckons as  the microwave heats me a lovely bowl of homemade beetroot soup with it's secret ingredient of a couple celery sticks - oops. It's really bloody tasty - even if it does turn everything red - am I mean everything...

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