Monday, August 22, 2011

What An Offa

I really struggled to raise this morning. I was just about to switch to a late start, having switched off the alarm, but suddenly remembered I had an early morning meeting. Would not have been good form to miss it. Things soon picked up after my ninth cup of coffee - joking, it was after my fifteenth. Amazingly my legs feel OK and best of all my back feel tons better. Not quite fixed but I'm no longer moving around like a ninety year old, more late sixties...

Anyway, here, for the record, are my runs - I'll rephrase - my stages from the weekends Offa's Relay. It really was a great weekend and I can't wait for next years. Especially as I'm hatching an idea to run the whole lot, and utilise the relay weekend as support. I reckon a 60 hour attempt could be on. Start 6am Friday morning and finish 6pm Sunday. Meaning three 12 hour days of running with two over night camps. It tempts me.

6.5 miles, 900 ft ascent run with Laurie

4.5 miles, 850 ft ascent, solo

6miles, 700 ft ascent (net downhill) run with Sue

7 miles, 1350 ft ascent, solo

6.5 miles, 580 ft ascent (net downhill) run with Berta and Denise

9 miles, 650 ft ascent run with Lou, Rob and Mark

3 miles, almost flat run with lots

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