Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Plan

Well there's not much time now till I'm off to Snowdonia. I'll be driving up after work on Wednesday night so I really need to have everything packed and ready to go this weekend. I've got the menu sorted - just need to hit the shops to pick up a few things. Got the gear packed. Campsite picked. The only thing left to do is plan my Peris Horseshoe recce on Thursday and Friday ahead of the real thing on Saturday. Ideally I'll look into the first section across to Y Garn, maybe go as far as the drop off Glydar Fawr. That'll probably Thursday. Friday I reckon to recce the last section from Moel Cynghorion (and maybe as far up as the turn off from the main tourist path) down to the finish - which I assume is in the woods near to the main road. Obviously I need to have a few contigencies for variances in the weather - I don't intend to get soaked - until the race, of course. Hoping it will be good weather though. So much more enjoyable - if 17 miles and 8,500 feet across some rough old terrain can be considered enjoyable - it is in my rather warped book.

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