Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Weekend Away From Training

Twas a good night out on the town last night. Yet again, as my fellow wrinklies can attest to, I managed to stay the distance. No falling asleep. No drunken stuper - well not much of one - and I made it to kick out time from the club again - back of the net. I do fear, however, that I may have peformed quite a lot of 'dad dancing' of the very highest calibre known to mankind - but that's a story for another day.

I haven't run this weekend. I've quite a busy schedule of racing coming up - and mostly long distance ones at that - so I decided be good to recharge the batteries. Got a good bit of work done in the garden - filled the green bin - and I put in three hours on the bike yesterday and today so I didn't rest up entirely. The first of my races is this coming Tuesday, the Leisure Centre League road series, and I'll use it as a good solid tempo session. A bit of speed ahead of the longer stuff.

And now I finish off the rest of the chilled weekend...

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