Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Road Trip

OK, not so much road trip as long drive. I'm going to head up to Wasdale Head after work on Thursday to be ready for a full day of action on Friday. I've got my kit list done - now I just need to pack it all - yawn. I've also got my itinery all worked out. I'm going to be putting in some longish miles while I'm up there but I'm not attempting to run it all. This mini break is all about a mix of running and walking and spending the day in the mountains. More importantly, I guess, it's about getting away from it all. Relaxing and taking in the scenery. I don't plan on doing much else other than hitting the hills and chilling. Once I get there the car isn't going to see any action until I need it for the journey home. Tonight I'm still taking it easy. Another go on the bike is all - I want to be fresh to enjoy my break.

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