Monday, August 08, 2011

Home Early

Yes, a slight disappointment but my back is still aching and with the rain 'h'issing down I realised a run in the wet just wouldn't be any fun. I could've coped with a wet run if I was fully fit. After all, it's good to get the navigation practice but I just felt I'd not entirely enjoy it and not wanting to dampen - did you see what I did there? - my holiday spirit I decided to head home early. But that doesn't detract from what has been a great break.

My days in the hills have been 20 miles with 8,500 feet ascent, 7 miles with 1,800 feet ascent and 16 miles with 5,500 feet ascent. It's been great to finally trek and run in some of Englands greatest landscape. Reliant solely on map and compass. To view the mountains from different angles and pick out the features.

Then when I wasn't out there in the hills I was relaxing doing absolutely sod all - except the 2km walk up towards Scafell Pike to get mobile reception to send out my blog post! Other than that walk there was no extravagance. Peace and serenity ruled. Looking up at the sky or into the hills. Watching the clouds and mist roll in and then back out again. Watching the leaves rustle in the breeze. Letting my thoughts drift to where ever they wanted to go... It might all sound a bit boring but I can honestly say I didn't once feel that way. No shops. No hustle. No bustle. It was just great and I am already thinking towards my next camping expedition. North Wales maybe...

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