Saturday, August 06, 2011

Achy Breaky Back

My back has been a little achy since last week's Seaview 17. Now, after yesterday's (Friday) Borrowdale recce, it is full on achy. Oh god, age is catching up with me.

I decided to limit things to walking only and set off up to Sty Head at about 10:30 to make sure I was in position ahead of the race. Hopefully the gentle walk hasn't aggravate the back any. Feels ok at the moment.

Now I'm not stupid enough to attempt the Wasdale recce tomorrow if the back isn't significantly better. In which case I'll plan an alternative walk route instead. Be slightly disappointed though, if I have to do that but it'll not detract from this being a great break from the rat race. No tv. No radio. No news papers and only limited Internet. Well, you can't expect me to turn my back on the Internet - even if I do have to walk half way up Scafell Pike to get reception on my phone! It's just great to head into the mountains or just sit and reflect. Simply brilliant.

The highlight of today (Saturday)  was the walk up to Sty Head. Met a slightly framed old guy wearing a pair of fell shoes. We chatted as we ascended. Something told me I was in the presence of greatness and I enquired, "Might I ask your name?"
"Of course, it's Joss Naylor".

We continued to chat as we made the rest of the way to Sty Head to watch the race...

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