Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just About Ready

Well that's the gear - no, not 'that' sort of gear - all gathered. I've tried to go minimal - but it doesn't seem to have worked out that way! Seem to have too much kit. I'm looking forward to 'living' in the new Terra Nova Laser for three night's though. Just the thought of it is giving me the urge to go wild camp back packing in the mountains... I'm thinking forward to next year and a three day Bob Graham recce at some point. Carrying all my kit and being fully self reliant - then again I may hate it! But at the moment the idea excites me. Tonk.

I'm down to run on all three days in Chepstow Harriers Offa's Dyke 25th anniversary relay. Ten or so miles a day but I am looking to run an extra stage or two. I might even attempt to run the final day run in from pre-Monmouth to the end but as that would make it a 27 miler I might feel different at the end of three days on the road. Either way it should be a good bash...

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