Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Plan Ahead

Despite the back - which I know will be 'back' to normal in a day or two (or though it feels a bit shit again today) - I've been busy planning things. I'm going for another camping break at the start of September to Snowdonia into which I will incorporate the Peris Horseshoe - full version, I'm not namby - on the Saturday. Going to head up Wednesday night so I can squeeze in a couple of mini recce's on the Thursday and Friday. Apparantly the Peris Horseshoe is a bit of a beast so a bit of a recceing might be wise - bring it on.

Found a nice little campsite on the edge of Llanberis and within walking distance of Pete's Eats - which is possibly the finest eating lodge in all of Wales. Mind, eating there by myself will no doubt feel a bit odd but you can't not do things - I think I double negatived myself correctly there - just because of the memories they hold else you'd never do anything ever again.

Looking forwards through the next month I've a good few races coming up. In a couple of weeks there's the Brecon Beacons race and then after the horseshoe I've the Lake District Mountain Trial the week after and then the Black Mountains race two weeks after that. So that'll be four AL fell races in a month - now that's what I call running.

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