Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mission Compete

The final day all went to plan. I ran with Lou and Andy (aka Rob) and there were no incident on the 9 mile stage in to Monmouth - although we did almost need to put Mark out of misery after a recurrence of an old foot injury. The rest of the stages all went well although there was a slight wobble out of Brockweir after a mishap on the finish / start location. The finishers finished were they thought they should while the starters were waiting at a different point on the Dyke path. The two groups met in the end and the relay baton continued its journey towards Chepstow and its final destination at Sedbury. Incidently, I ran the 3 mile section from the Bigsweir Bridge to Brockweir, taking my total for the three days to 44 miles. I feel far more knackered than those 44 miles would indicate. The mental strain of chasing down from stage to stage, following in the cars and navigating through the country lanes is as mentally tiring and the physical bit.

It was great to have so many harriers arrive at the end of the Dyke for a mass run to the finish. Been a great weekend but I'm gald to be home now. And finally, a big well done to Gerry, Sue and Judith for organising the whole thing.

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