Monday, August 15, 2011


Oops, just got carried away with looking at tents - how sad am I? - don't answer that. Just ordered up the Terra Nova Laser Competition 2! She looks like one mean mother - not to mention flippin' light. She weighs in at a mere 1.2kg. For a two person tent that's pretty damn cool - cool as defined by nerdy geeks. Pretty much commits me to running some mountain marathons next year... Although she'll be good for a bit of longer distance wild camping running as well. I'll try her out during the Offa's Dyke weekend coming up shortly.

Resting tonight. Total rest. It's the leisure centre league road race tomorrow night and I want to be fully recharged for it. The back is still playing up a bit but it's better than it was and I reckon it should see me complete - just need to make sure I take my kit with me in the morning as I'll be heading straight there after work - where ever 'there is' - mental note, read up on the location details I was sent...

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