Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Well That Went A Bit Wrong

Did not make the LCL race tonight. Work went on longer than planned and it meant that I did not have the time to drive half way across Wales from Bristol to make the start. I could have made it had my helicopter pilots license come through in time but it didn't. Still it's not all bad. I just realised I was royally about to balls up in a style that puts my previous 'late' race appearances well and truly into the shade.

I had it down in my diary that the Offa's relay was next weekend, starting on Friday the 26th. It's not. IT'S THIS WEEKEND! At the back of my mind something didn't feel quite right each time I browsed the diary but I didn't twig it till a couple of hours ago. Being an entire week late for an event would have put my previous best of a day late well and truly into the category of an also ran - then again, had I not realised my mistake it would have been next weekend as a total also ran. Disaster averted...

PS I would have been highly surprised had my helicopters pilot license come though seeing as I haven't actually applied yet. And now I come to think about it, I haven't actually had any flying lessons. Technically I've not even been in a helicopter - not really a technicality more a statement of fact. And one final thought, I'm not actually intending to either...

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