Saturday, August 06, 2011

Scafell Double

Never been up Scafell Pike - so in typical Mad Runner style I went up there twice today! (This is Friday by the way, as I'm not sure when my phone will get some reception and this will post). I basically followed the Borrowdale Fell Race route - or at tried to. The quickest way to join the route from my base camp at Wasdale was - you guessed it -head up Scafell.

On the whole I managed to get myself round on approximately the right route but I am suspecting I was far from optimal. Well it is my first proper time in the Lake District and I even forewent the GPS. OK not strictly true as I did have my eTrex in the pack but navigation was strictly old school - just map and trusty compass. I can't claim to be a man of the mountain without proving my prowess old school style.

Having said that my line down to the Honister pass. Couldn't make up my mind and dilly dailied my way down like an old woman. I missed out Dale Head on account of time issues - a somewhat later than planned start to the day. OK, and the fact I was feeling a little knackered.

Basically got myself back on to the route towards what would be the start of the race and made my way home. OK, I missed out Bessyboot - have you seen it! Went up Glaramara instead. Dropped across to Esk Haus and back up to Scafell. Then just the down hill back to base camp. Sorted. Good day. 20 miles and some not insignificant ascent.

Tomorrow I'm going to head back up to Sty Head to spectate this years race...

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