Sunday, August 07, 2011

From Pillar To Post

After today's recce it's safe to assume I won't be doing the Langdale recce tomorrow - my back is f^%&ed. After taking it easier yesterday my back felt much better this morning - but that was before the descent off Whinn Rigg. I set out on my Wasdale recce at 9am and headed up into the cloud. Visibility was low so I put my faith in the old compass - and she did me proud.

After coming down from Whinn Rigg and across the valley to Greendale I knew I wasn't going to make the full distance - but on the plus side, the cloud had lifted and the rest of the recce had for good views. I headed round the route - passed Mr Naylor coming the other way. Through Pillar to below Kirk Fell. There, the route goes round under KF and up Great Gabel. I'm fairly okay with that bit of the route and onwards down to Sty Head, across to Esk Haus and up to Scafell Pike and I recced the Lingmell finish in reverse on Friday. So from below KF I followed the Black Sail Pass back down to the campsite.

Despite knackering the back it was a useful recce. I have at least covered all the parts of the route - if not all in one go. In all I reckon to have covered just over 16 miles today with a useful bit of ascent.

And I can't finish without a nod to Victor Meldrew - what is it with air beds? We didn’t have those in my day. Camping is meant to be roughing it - at least a little. If you want luxury stay in a hotel. Camping is meant to be beans straight from the can. Cooking on a single burner. Burning your sausage on a naked flame - ooh matron.  I swear I saw someone taking an Aga out the back of their 4x4...

Right, where's that Bombay potato in a can...

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