Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Little Unexpected

Well it all went a little off piste. Lou and Andy (aka Rob) got a little lost. 45 minutes of lost. That knocked the schedule so the dicision was made to run the last three stages of the day concurrently. That meant someone needed to head out to assist the final stage runners. Despite being a bit knackered I gave it a go. Thankfully we got through the six to seven miles over to Hay-on-Wye without incident.
The one thing I could have done without was the campsite. It was quite honestly the worst place on earth. Hell seemed like a better option. The one thing I really needed after a hard days running was a nice hot shower. To be honest I would have taken any shower. And that was the one thing they didn't provide.

And this is no reflection on the G-meister, he's done a great job running the relay and we'll be fit and ready for action tomorrow but we just had to f%*& off and camped in the mountains instead. No noise. No other people. Bliss, god damn bliss...

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