Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tempo temptation

I decided the tempo was a better option than the hill reps tonight - but so the hill reps didn't feel unwanted and unloved I ran up over Dundry - nice.

It was a good run. Very relaxing - well as relaxing as a full tilt tempo run can be but it really helped to clear the mind of all life's ills - in my case that doesn't take much and not that I've got any ills to speak of either but you get my drift.

I felt a bit weak going up the main climb but once I was up top I soon got into my running. I picked the pace up throughout and by the end I was flying. The last mile was a 6:06.

All that's left is to try for a short recovery run tomorrow morning before work to get myself ready for more k reps on the track tomorrow night - but I don't fancy my chances. Fingers crossed......

Thought for the day: I'd rather be over the hill than under it!

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