Saturday, August 11, 2007

Normal service has resumed

I truly am back to normal - whatever that is in my world!

I got myself out for a 23 miler in what has to be considered hot conditions. From my house down to the tow path and through to Pill, over to Portbury, then the 2 and a half mile climb up to the Clevedon road, passing through Lower Failand on the way - it's an unrelenting climb and it's nice to be back in the groove to be able to grind it out all the way to the top, then through the Ashton Plantation - with no stopping on the steep hill at the far end I hasten to add, before heading into Ashton Court for a lap of the top field and then arrival at the gym 2 hours and 45 minutes later. Which, by my reckoning is just inside 7:11 pace and totally what I was looking for. I've now set out my stall and with the five weeks of training time left it's a good base to build on. It was probably slightly foolish to run without any extra fluids but there was no sign of cramp today so the old body is adapting nicely.

Of course, being the mad runner, I couldn't leave it there - and being conveniently at the gym - I put in an hour on the bike. I was a bit dehydrated come the end but nothing three pints of water couldn't fix. I was so shagged after all that, that I had to walk the four miles home because I couldn't muster anything more. But all in all it's been a great day and the achilles held up brilliantly.

Now off to continue with my DIY phase, started on Thursday and Friday night with the laying of Kitchen tiles - stands back to admire handiwork - and now to start the living room; white wash, removal of clutter and lay wood flooring all in the name of operation minimalist.....

Thought for the day: Assassins do it from behind.

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