Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good spot of training

It was a much better day of training today. I managed to get down the gym for 45 minutes of high resistance bike - and I mean high resistance - I had to lift off the seat for two of the four hill reps in each set. Then I hit the weights for half an hour before heading home for a quick spot of undercoating the skirting - no rest for the wicked. Finally it was over to Cribbs Causeway for a recce of next Tuesday's Axa Inter-Companies 5 Mile race - which happens to be about 9k. Graham showed me the route - or what we hope will be the route - he hasn't run it for a few years so we might just have recced a very nice 9k training route instead - we'll find out next week!

I have to admit that I like the look of it. It almost looks made for me. It starts off with a steady, gentle climb for about 1k before heading sharply downhill for another 1k - that will be the worst part for me. Then the course levels with maybe just a hint of climb for 3 to 4k before heading up hill. Gently at first and then gradually getting steeper for 1 to 2k. Then it levels off again to the finish with just a hint of bump with 500m to go. Unless I go off ridiculously too fast there won't be many people who will catch me going up the hill. I reckon sub 35 is on - possibly even sub 34. We'll just have to wait and see. It all depends on my power up the hill...

Thought for the day: Duct tape is like the force; it has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

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