Sunday, August 05, 2007

The cunning plan

My cunning plan was so intrinsically brilliant it could have taken the barbs off a wire fence so you could call it a washing line. Put simply, I ran for a bit .... then ran some more. That is to say, I ran a few miles before the Sunday run, met up with the posse and headed out for another few miles. A brilliant way to fit in those miles? Not quite, my left hamstring was so tight I could not really straighten my leg properly on the first run - which I had to limit to 30 minutes - so no big miles there then - and by the second run my right Achilles was playing up - the hamstring was fine though. I didn't get anywhere near as many miles clocked up as I wanted during the weekend but now the track season is complete I should be able to get in some big tempo miles during the next few weeks - provided I can keep my body held together with vinegar and brown paper that is. I'm beginning to understand how Dean Macey felt during his decathlon days - except for the athletic prowess bit, that is.

Thought for the day: Make hay while the sun shines.

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