Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The achilles is just about holding together - the vinegar and brown paper is doing its job!

I managed a short 30 minute run around Ashton Court and made sure I put in some work on the hills to give it a test. I held the pace to easy 7 minute mileing and all in all came through relatively unscathed. I then put in an hour on the bike and by the end of all that it was aching again but within half an hour it was much better. No weights session - again - because the gym is still having some work done.

I should know by tomorrow morning whether I'm going to be able to run some 1000m reps on the track in the evening. I think the chances are increasing, maybe 60% on?

Thought for the day: A change is as good as a rest - what the hell is a rest?

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