Monday, August 20, 2007

Berlin finally feels real

Berlin is on. I had my race pack through the post on the weekend. I'm number 11624. It's really hit home that the focus of my entire running year will be over in a few short weeks. Feels kind of weird. Win, loose or draw it will soon be time to select a new challenge. Ich werde drei Stunden brechen - und Sie k├Ânnen das nehmen der Bank.

I took a rest day today - and as typical of my rest days, I churned out a good, high resistance hour on the bike followed by some upper body weights. The only downside was that the book I'm reading at the moment is rubbish - I shall be selecting another one imminently. My legs feel remarkably good considering Saturdays run and my pulse was lower than normal during the bike workout so I reckon I'm back in great shape - well, as great a shape as mad old me is able to achieve. I should fully be up for some decent training tomorrow. I'm torn between a tempo run or hill reps......

Thought for the day: Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot.

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